Chocolate Mug Cake / 2 Mins Chocolate Mug Cake / Step by Step

19 Dec 2014

Need something delicious, chocolatey, divine chocolate cake in just 2 minutes. Here goes the recipe for the moistest chocolate mug cake you will ever have. This can be made in microwave in minutes. This makes a gooey treat to children when they are back from school with hungry tummy. 

One cake is good enough to..

How to Reuse Deep Fried Oil? / Easy tips to reuse deep fried oil

18 Dec 2014

Whenever we fry deep fried foods, we wonder what to do with the leftover heated oil. Whether to reuse it or simply throw away the expensive oil. No doubt using fresh oil everytime we cook is the healthiest option. 

The fact is it’s not a healthy way to use leftover oil coz of the following facts..

On repeated heating of oil, it degrades into fatty acids, triglycerides and..

Aloo Palak Recipe / Potato Spinach Recipe / Easy side dish recipe for Rotis & Parathas

17 Dec 2014

Aloo Palak is a very healthy and classic delicacy from Punjabi cuisine. This tasty recipe can be prepared at home in less than 20 minutes. In this recipe the potato cubes are cooked and sautéed in a mildly spiced spinach gravy. It can be served with..

Egg Biryani / How to cook Spicy Egg Biryani / Egg Biryani Recipe

15 Dec 2014

Egg Biryani is the delicious and flavorful rice dish cooked in aromatic Indian spices & spicy egg masala. Its simply easy and quick to prepare. This recipe is sure to delight your tastebuds on a weekend afternoon.

It makes a perfect combo with cucumber or onion raitha.

Check out here how to make tasty and ...

Eggless Microwave Chocolate Cake / 5 Minute Chocolate Cake Recipe

11 Dec 2014

Eggless Chocolate Cake:  

Here is a sooper speedy Microwave Eggless Chocolate Cake recipe, which tastes great when served hot or cold. It takes just 5 mins to make this delicious fudgy cake.  

I have made this microwave chocolate cake several times and it’s an excellent recipe. It tastes lipsmacking moist and the yummy thing is..

Garlic Rasam Recipe / Poondu Rasam / Easy Rasam Recipes

9 Dec 2014

Garlic Rasam:  

Here I am with an ideal comforting recipe for this cold winter days. Garlic Rasam is a delicious soup, which is rich in flavor and has loads of medicinal benefits. Its very good for digestion, sore throat and for common cold and cough. 

My mom used to prepare this frequently and we love to have it with hot rice & ...

Kadai Chole - Kadai Chole Recipe / Step by Step

7 Dec 2014

Kadai Chole:

Kadai Chole is a very spicy, hearty and tempting curry prepared from white chickpeas. This very popular dish is prepared with a blend of selected spices. The white chana are boiled along with tea leaves tied in muslin cloth and then cooked along with choicest spices..

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