Wednesday, May 01, 2013

South Indian Variety Rice Recipes / Healthy Lunch Box Recipes / Kids Healthy Lunch

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Looking for quick, healthy and delicious Variety Rice recipes ? 
Here is an awesome collection of over 38 quick rice recipes,  to choose from for your lunchbox menu.
When packing up kids lunches, we need food menu that’s easy to transport, wholesome, and full of fun flavours..!
Try these perfect healthy recipes, that will see their lunch box come home empty...!!!
Check out the below links for new and different range of interesting Variety Rice Recipes..:)
Variety Rice Recipes
2.        Kashmiri Pulao
5.       Soya Chunks Pulao
8.       Coconut Milk Rice
20.   Birinji Rice
24.   Capsicum Rice
30.   Ven Pongal
Non-Veg Dishes
2.       Egg Biryani
3.       Chicken Fried Rice
4.       Chicken Biryani
5.       Mutton Biryani



  1. All very tasty and yummy! Great for us adults too :)

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