Thursday, October 16, 2014

Besan Ladoo / Diwali Sweets Recipes / Step by Step

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Diwali, the Festival of Lights, has come back this year with all the excitement and joy..!!
Any happy moment in India is incomplete without a sweet. Besan Ke Ladoo is one of the popular Ladoos prepared during Diwali.   
This can be prepared easily and instantly without much effort. All we need is besan flour, sugar, sooji and ghee to make. This nutty sweet are loved by almost everyone. 
Try this tasty Ladoo for Diwali and celebrate the lovely festive moments..:)
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·       Besan flour               -  1 ½ cup
·       Almond, pista nuts    -  6 to 8 each
·       Sooji / rava               - 2 to 3 tbsp
·       Ghee                        - ½ cup
·       Sugar                       - ¾ cup
·       Cardamom pwd         - a generous pinch
1.   Sieve the besan flour and keep it ready.
2.   Slice almond and pistachios to fine pieces.
3.   Heat a dry pan.
4.   Add the besan flour and saute it in medium flame for 2 to 3 mins.
5.   Add sooji and to it and continue roasting for 2 more mins.
6.   Add the ghee and combine well.
7.   Now turn the flame to low and saute for 6 to 7 mins with continous stirring.
8.   You can see the mixture has turned to sticky mass.
9.   Turn off the flame and allow to cool.
10. Once the mixture is warm, add the powdered sugar.
11. Combine good.
12. Add the sliced almond nuts and cardamom pwd.
13. Mix completely.
14. The mixture is ready to prepare ladoos now.
15. Take a small portion and make it to small balls. ( If the mixture is slightly dry and the ladoo breaks, sprinkle few drops of warm milk and mix it )
16. Take ghee in a small cup.
17. Dip the ladoo in ghee at the tip and press it lightly over the sliced pistachios.

18. Repeat the same for all ladoos.
19. Mouth-watering Besan ke ladoos are ready to be served.
20. Enjoy the crumbliest and flakiest Ladoos..!

 Shubh Diwali with Love & best wishes..!


  1. What a delicious sweet treat and healthy too. Catherine

  2. Simply awesome and delicious looking besan ladoos. Excellent preparation.

  3. looks so soft and tempting..

  4. One of my favourite festive sweet!!! Looks tempting !!!


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