How to make Ragi Dosa / Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe / How to make Red Chutney ( Kara Chutney )

24 Feb 2013

Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe:

Ragi  Dosa  is a traditional and mouth-wateing recipe of South India, that tingles our taste buds. This dosa serve as a healthy breakfast or snack menu..!

This nutritious recipe is very easy to prepare at home & is easy to digest as well.  We know Ragi is rich in calcium, fiber, protein, iron and other minerals. It is a low fat cereal and most of the fats are in the unsaturated form.

Here is the healthy version of  Ragi  Dosa  recipe  that doesn’t compromise on taste..:)


·      Ragi flour / Finger millet flour   - 1 cup
·      Wheat flour                              - ½ cup
·      Chopped onion                        - ½ cup
·      green chilly                              - 1
·      curry leaves                             - 7 to 8
·      cumin                                      - 1 tsp
·      butter milk or water                   - as needed
·      coriander leaves
·      salt to taste


1.   In a mixing bowl, take ragi flour, wheat flour, chopped onions, green chilly , curry leaves,  coriander leaves, cumin and salt.
2.   Mix well and add enough water or butter milk to form a batter of thin pouring consistency.

3.   Heat a dosa pan ( preferably non-stick pan)
4.   Grease it lightly with oil.
5.   When hot, pour a ladleful of the batter, spread using a circular motion to make a thin dosa.
6.   Drizzle oil along the edges while cooking.

7.   Flip it over and cook on other side in medium flame.

8.   When crispy, fold over and serve hot.
9.   Repeat with the remaining batter to make more dosas.
10.Healthy & tasty  Ragi  Dosa  ready.

11.It makes an excellent combo with tangy, hot red chutney, green chutney , coconut  chutney  or milagai podi.

Lets see how to prepare the very tasty Kara Chutney or Red Chutney, that your family will love..:)


·      Red chilly                    - 4 or 5
·      Tamarind                     - a small ball
·      Oil                              - 1 tsp
·      Mustard                       - ¼ tsp
·      Cumin                         - ¼ tsp
·      Urad dal                      - ½ tsp
·      Curry leaves                - a few
·      Onion chopped           - 1 ½ tbsp
·      Salt to taste


1.   In a blender, take red chillies, tamarind and salt.

2.   Add little water and grind to smooth paste.

3.   Transfer to serving bowl.
4.   Heat oil in a small fry pan.
5.   Temper with mustard, cumin, urad dal, curry leaves.
6.   Add finely chopped onion to it and fry till transculent.
7.   Add this to the freshly ground red chutney.
8.   Mix well.

9.   Hot and tangy Red Chutney is ready.
10.  Enjoy with crispy Ragi Dosas, Rava dosa, Wheat dosa or with any other Dosa Varieties.

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12 Yummy Comments:

The Ragi Dosa and the Chutney look delicious, Jay. Another winner.

Reshmi Mahesh said...

Healthy and delicious dosa...

Maha Gadde said...

Delicious.looks very tempting

Healthy Dosa. with Hot Hot red chilli chutney. Looks nice.

If time permits, try to participate in "Tried & Tasted - Chettinad Cuisine". Here is the link for it

Shanthi said...

very made me hungry...

GKtalks said...

Healthy and Tasty Ragi Dosa... I love to taste it... keep it up Jay...

Jay said...

Thanks for sharing your love..:)

hi jay, delicious dosa especially with coriander and cumin.. love this- bookmarked with thanks

kala said...

Ohhh my gosshhh These combination is yummyyyyy

USHA said...

Wow...nice combo and healty receipe...

Lovely stepwise presentation and looks very appetizing..

pepper bowl said...

Very tempting and colorful Jay! Ragi dosai always be little harder...But your version is very crispy and tender..Love it!!

themustardseed said...

Delicious recipe!! This will be my dinner tonight!

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