How to make Puri / Indian Poori Recipe / Easy Step-by-Step Recipe:

2 Jan 2013

How to make Fluffy Poori:

Poori  or  deep  fried  Indian  Bread  is very famous in India and is commonly enjoyed during breakfast or at snack time or also taken as a light meal..!  

It is a favorite dish of all age groups equally.  It makes an awesome combo with  aloo  masala.  Preparing this soft & fluffy poori at home is very easy and also gives you the same delicious taste like restaurant.  

Try this simple recipe and enjoy ..:)


·Wheat flour                     - 1 cup
·Sugar                             - ½ tsp
·Water                             - ¼ cup or as needed
·Rava / Sooji                     - ½ tsp
·Salt to taste


1.     Take flour, salt, rava and sugar in a bowl and mix well.

2.     Add water little by little by kneading the flour to a crumbly mix.

3.     Continue sprinkling water and knead until the dough comes to soft pliable consistency.

4.     You can also add 1 tsp of hot oil and knead until smooth.

5.     Make small balls out of the dough.

6.     Roll it out into small circles with thin medium thickness.

7.     Heat oil in kadai, for deep frying.  ( the oil should be hot but not too hot, that it smokes)
8.     If you drop a small piece of dough into oil, it should fry up immediately and come to the surface.
9.     Make sure the oil in the kadai is enough to immerse the puri.

10.  Now keep the flame in medium and drop the rolled poori in the oil gently.

11.  While the poori is slowly coming to the surface,  press it gently with the laddle.

12.  This helps the poori to puff up.
13.  Turn it so that it gets evenly golden brown spots.

14.  Remove from flame.

15.  Place it on paper towel to drain off any oil.
16.  Hot fluffy pooris are ready.

17.  It makes an excellent combo with aloo masala. ( click here to view the easy preparation of Aloo Masala )

18.  Serve crispy golden Poori with  masala  or any favorite side dish & enjoy..:)

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40 Yummy Comments:

puffed puri and spicy masala - everybody's fav!!!! lovely pictures!!!
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Ola said...

looks tasty!

Meena B said...

ah i m bck in my fav restaurant and ur pics r making me hungry

i also read if we add just small pinch of sooji in atta then poori puffs well
looks lovely

Sangeetha Nambi said...

Wow ! That's a real fluffy poori... My lil will love this all time...

Gauri said...

I too add some sugar to make then tasty and fluffy :)) looks good!

all time mom add little sooji to it.fav masala.yummy.nice clicks.

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Feeling hungry again, so fluffy and yummy poori, mouthwatering here.

today's recipe:

Rosemary said...

Every nationality has their version of fried bread, don't they? My neighbors traditionally make something on New Year's Day they call "scons" not scones; but all they are are deep fired bread they love to eat warm with butter.

What's Baking?? said...

So fluffy and light. Now you make me wanna go out and look for puri.

WeR SAHM said...

puff fluff delicious poori

divya said...

omg...sooooooooooooper tempting..

Lovely, puffy bread, Jay. Sounds quite easy to make, too.

Shama Nagarajan said...

delicious and tempting...Ongoing event : Fast food - poha and Know your dairy- Milk events in my blog

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Fluffy pooris and delicious masalas. Excellent preparation.

pepper bowl said...

Looks so amazing..felt like I was in the kitchen...Great job...thanks for landing on my page..I happily following you..

Savitha said...

My all time fav it with potato.

Suja Manoj said...

Favorite breakfast combo,yum

Sangeetha Priya said...

Very inviting puffed puri with authentic potato masal, lovely clicks!!!

making this kind of fluffy pooris is my to do list:) you excelled in it

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Shailaja Reddy said...

Fluffy n tempting puri. Combo is awesome...

Julie said...

nicely puffed up pooris,loved it!!
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Ramona W said...

Really beautiful puris! Hope you are having a fabulous New Year 2013!!

Priya said...

Super fluffy pooris, inviting myself to ur place Jay.

Happy new year wishes to you and your family.

Rebecca Subbiah said...

yum love poori happy new year

great looking pooris jay!

Swathi Iyer said...

Beautiful poori masala, my favorite.

Jay said...

Thanx friends for sweet n lovely comments...keep in touch..:)

Arthy Suman said...

This is my favorite Jay esp if given lots of potato masala...

Nandini M said...

Love this classic meal! Great for breakfast!

Lovely puffed puris.First time to your site.THanks for visited my blog.

Princy Vinoth said...

i didnt know sugar has that effect to puris!nice combi all time fave!

Vidya said...

Happy new year to you and your family dear.Very useful poori post.

Prabha said...

Wow perfect Fluffy Pooris and superb clicks!

Maha Gadde said...

yummy n tempting pooris....nice work..perfectly done

Jiboombaa said...

Superb puffed up poori' it.

Rosh said...

Pls parcel me the pooris Jay..Im absolutely craving for this now :(

Happy new year :)

Sonali said...

Love the clicks of the pooris.They have puffed up perfect.The tips are useful.Happy New Year to you and your family.

Nagashree said...

Aha, perfectly puffed pooris. I am drooling here.

Smitha said...

Simple yet tasty !! Looks so good !!!

Apu said...

Beautifully made. Wish I could grab a bite. Do visit my blog for a giveaway by Tasty Bite Eatables!

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