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Chicken Lollypop / Easy Stepwise Recipe

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Chicken Lollypop:

Chicken  Lollypop  recipe is a very good luscioius appetizer...!!!

This is one of kids favorites, and it tastes spicy & delicious with a combo of any sauce or dips. It can also be served as snacks with hot tea..!

For this recipe, we need chicken wings & this is indeed simple to make at home.

This recipe involves marinating the chicken wings in spicy sauce, coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried in hot oil over medium heat to golden.

Try this easy to make  Chicken  Lollypop  recipe at your home and enjoy..:)


·         Chicken wings             - 4 to 6 nos
·         Soya sauce                - 1 tbsp
·         Chilly garlic sauce      - 1 tbsp
·         Egg                           - 1
·         Red chilly pwd           - 1 to 2 tsp
·         White pepper pwd      - ¼ tsp
·         Corn flour                  - 2 tbsp
·         Bread crumbs            - 1 cup
·         Oil to fry
·         Salt to taste


To Prepare Chicken Lollypops from Chicken Wings:

1.     First we have to cut the chicken wings to chicken lollypop shape.
2.     Lets see how to cut them.
3.     Take a chicken wing.

4.     Cut at the centre in the joint with a sharp knife.

5.     Now we have two parts.

6.     In one piece, cut the meat on one end and hold the bone and squeeze the meat towards downwards and turn it upside down.

7.     One piece of chicken lollypop is ready to be cooked.

8.     In the next piece ( end part of the wing piece ), we can see two bones in it.
9.     Cut the meat part holding to the bone, rotate all around.

10.  Now pull the small bone apart.

11.  Squeeze the meat downwards upside down, like we did previously.

12.  Now another also ready to get cooked.
13.  Out of one chicken wing, we get two chicken lollypops.
14.  Repeat the same for all chicken wings & keep ready.


1.     Prepare a marinade with soya sauce and chilly garlic sauce.
2.     Marinate the chicken lollypops for about ½ an hour.

To cook Chicken Lollypop:

1.     Take a small bowl & beat an egg in it.

2.     Now add salt, red chilly pwd, white pepper pwd and corn flour.

3.     Mix well to form a fine batter.

4.     Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan or skillet.
5.     Keep the bread crumbs ready.

6.     Now dip the lollypops in the egg batter.
7.     Mix well so that the batter is well coated over the chicken lollypop.

8.  Then roll them in bread crumbs.

Repeat the process, once again, dipping & coating.

keep all the Chicken Lollypops well coated.

9.     Now drop gently in hot oil , one or two at a time.
10.  Keep the flame in low medium flame and fry them to deep brown & crisp.

11.  Stir them once in a while. ( take care to cook in low flame, so that the inside of lollypop is also cooked good,  with crisp outside texture )

12.  Drain it in kitchen tissue.

13.  Wrap  silver foil at the ends.
15.  In no time, lipsmacking homemade chicken lollypops are ready.

16.  Enjoy hot with your favorite sauce or any dips.

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