Letz Relishh…!!! Event Announcement & Paneer Chaat

4 Aug 2010

            Letz Relishh…!!!  
      Event Announcement  &
              Paneer Chaat

Hello Dear Friends,

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful support and participation in the event   “ I Love My Dad “  and made it success…!

Now, Am excited to announce, the   “Letz Relishh “  Series..!!!

In  this  Series,  Each month  a  new  Theme  will  be  taken,  as  we  can  innovate  a  variety  of  healthy  new dishes  and  Relish..!

For this month, I have chosen the theme as :    
                “ Letz Relishh –  Paneer

Hope this event, will bring the fresh n tasty Paneer dishes from all our blogger friends to light…!!

 As,  Paneer  is  a  favorite  dish  of  one  n  all ,  especially Kids, I have chosen it for this month.  

We  commonly use  Paneer  in  curried  dishes.  And, It is quite easy to prepare at home also..!

Lets have a quick look of its preparation method here...!

To prepare Paneer:

  1. ·         Boil 1 litlre of fresh milk
  2. ·         Add 1 tbsp of vinegar, lemon juice or curd and stir well.
  3. ·         Keep it aside.
  4. ·         Once the milk has curdled, wrap it in a clean muslin cloth.
  5. ·         Rinse with fresh water and drain well.
  6. ·         Form a ball and place it under a heavy sauce pan for about 30 mins.
  7. ·         Home made fresh paneer is ready.


The paneer water we got, while preparing paneer from milk, is very nutritious. So, instead of pouring it away, can be used for making soft dough for chapattis or can be used to cook dals.

Some of the prime  benefits of Paneer are

1.     Paneer is a high protein food and also a good substitute of meat.
2.     It is a good source of calcium, and helps to prevent osteoporosis in later years.
3.     Also,  it reduces cancer & heart attack risks.
4.     It is supposed to help in lower back & joint pain.
5.     According to Ayurveda, Paneer is healthy food & it can prevent stomach disorders.

So, letz  prepare  a  variety  of  dishes  with  

Fresh  n  Healthy  Paneer  and  Enjoy…!!

Some guidelines for the event…

1.     You could send any recipe, but the prime ingredient should be Paneer.
2.     Can be a Veg or Non veg dish...!
3.     Multiple entries are accepted.
4.     If you have any entries already posted in your archive, please repost the link during the event duration.
5.     Link your entries to the event announcement page. Usage of Logo is mandatory..!
6.     Non bloggers can also participate, by mailing the recipe and the picture of the dish.
7.     Last date for sending your entries are 10 th September 2010.

Send me an E mail to jaaiish@gmail.com with the following details

·         Subject                         Letz RelishhPaneer
·         Name
·         Blog Name
·         Recipe Name
·         Recipe URL
·         Mail ID
·         Picture of the dish

If you have any doubts please feel free to leave a message below or send me an e mail. I will get back to you as soon as possible...:))

Lots of Love,


Here comes the Paneer Chaat recipe:

I am sharing one of my favorite Paneer recipe here and sending this to my event..!

Paneer Chat

This is one of the delicious spicy Indian Chaat recipe.  This light & healthy paneer chaat is very easy and quick to make, as your kids even can prepare it. ( If the ingredients are ready ..! )  This is a delicious chaat to enjoy as a snack or a great alternative to a meal....:)

Try this easy & tangy recipe now…!


·         Paneer                          - 1 cup
·         Onion                           - 1
·         Tomato                         - 1
·         Carrot grated                 - ½ cup
·         Beans chopped             - ¼ cup
·         Cumin pwd                    - 1 tbsp
·         Chat masala pwd           - 1 tbsp
·         Mint leaves                   - 10
·         Lemon juice                  - 1 tbsp
·         Coriander leaves
·         Oil to fry
·         Salt to taste


1.     Chop paneer to small pieces and sauté in oil.
2.     Cut all the veg to fine pieces.
3.     Add chopped carrot, tomato, onion, chat masala pwd, lemon juice, cumin pwd, coriander leaves in a bowl.
4.     Add salt and mix well.
5.     Now add paneer pieces and a tbsp of yoghurd.
6.     Combine well and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

7.     Yummy Paneer Chaat ready for you to giv a taste.

Send your Delicious Paneer entries too...! 


Thank you dear Friends for your precious time ...!
The event round up ...I have posted ...plz click here to relissh now...:)

Thanks & Regards,

67 Yummy Comments:

aipi said...

i looooooove paneer..so i am definitely in..very nice event dear..
the paneer chat looks mouthwatering..

Mina Joshi said...

Great choice as we all love paneer. Count me in. I really like the way you have presented your recipe too. It looks delicious and the step by step photos gives me the confidence to try the recipe.


Simply Life said...

Oh I love all the colors in that dish!

Satya said...

wow ,happy hosting jay ...i love paneer too ,so count me in...ur paneer chat looks so refreshing n mouthwatering ...very nice one


Aparna Vijay said...

OOO..wow!! Yummy!! I love paneer..Will send my entries too..:)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Being a paneer lover I can assure you to send quite a few recipes. Paneer chat looks yummy
Hamaree Rasoi

Sayantani said...

am in for this great event Jay. love paneer and now a days making a good paneer dish that even my paneer hating hubby also relishes. the paneer chaat looks tempting...send me some please.

Umm Mymoonah said...

I too love paneer dishes, will definitely join with you:-)

Kairali sisters said...

Lovely chat with paneer..Great event, will try to participate Jay...

megha said...

exciting event.and paneer looks very tasty.must see mine my latest recipe.n comment on it

Mary said...

I wish I had more time to join in the fun. The cheese sounds wonderful and the paneer chat looks delicious. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Swathi said...

Paneer chat looks delicious Jaya. Happy hosting .

Nithu Bala said...

lovely event dear..will send entries..between, paneer chat is so tempting..

Hari Chandana said...

very nice event dear.. happy hosting :)

Torviewtoronto said...

lovely event Jay will participate

Guna's kitchen said...

lovely event.. count me in.. the paneer chat luks delicious and very intresting ... very colorful too never thought paneer chat.. nice idea..

Yummy Team said...

Nice event Jay..We will surely try to participate this time. Paneer chaat looks yum!!

ganga said...

nice event jay ...will participate..mouthwatering chat..

Kamalika said...

Lovely event....loved the paneer chat...

Jay said...

Dear Friends,

Thanx for your love & support...!

Sadhana said...

I love paneer very much....the dish looks really great and delicious....wud love to participate in ur event....

PS said...

Hi, Jay, paneer is surely a crowd pleaser and everybody's fav. count me in for your wonderful event..

Chitra said...

Thank you for sharing the nutrition info about paneer.

Hey Jay
Nice event..we are paneer lovers ! Try my best to send entries as I am on break now...all the best ! also check out my event Pedha...

cheers !

Adelina said...

I am in! Love the chaat- paneer is just a treat in it!

Krishnaveni said...

paneer is my fav, loved that event and chat, beautiful

Love the paneer chat recipe and the event series both. I make a slightly different chat of paneer. Now you reminded me of that, so will surely try and post :)

divya said...

Lovely chat with paneer..Great event, i will try to participate Jay...

Akila said...

Count me in.... i love paneers in any form.... does archieved entries ok with you???

Nitha said...

The chat looks yumm.. Shall definitely participate in your event dear.. Happy hosting..

Velva said...

I am looking forward to all the great paneer dishes.


அருமையான ஈவண்ட்....சூப்ப்பர்ப் பன்னீர் சாட்....

Pari said...

Dear Jay, my recent post is perfect for your event. And I have also announced a monthly event and this month's theme is Kids-Delight.
The chaat is surely asking me to sample it.

Jay said...

Hy Akila,

Thanks for your precious time n lovely comments.
I am preparing my entries to participate in your
event. Will send it soon..!

Do send your delicious special paneer recipes to my
ongoing event. Yes , archived entries can be sent...
but repost the link during this event duration with
event logo.

Expecting your yummy entries...:)

take care,


Jay said...

Hy Pari,

Am sending my Kids delight recipes, in my next post.
I love to participate in this kids special event very much.
Thanx for stopping by dear.

Looking forward your special entries...:)

Jay said...

Thanks everyone ...;)

Wishing you all a fun filled day...!
Looking forward your yummy paneer recipes...!

jeyashrisuresh said...

paneer chat sounds very nice and yum.kids will surely love this.nice click.

yummy beautiful thought jay...
have to try this for sure:)


That looks absolutely mouthwatering!! Paneer+chat love the combo,looks very appetizing!

Neha said...

nice event jay..we can have good collection of paneer recipes..chaat recipe was completely new to me..thanks for sharing..

Mausi said...

Hello! Thank you so much for visitng my blog and leaving and nice comment. Your blog is wonderful!
I love your paneer dish. It is co colorful and looks great.

Jay said...

Thanx for your wonderful feedback dear Friends...!

Preety said...

wow yummy paneer recipe..great event..will try to send something

Spice said...

Chat looks delicious...

Delicious Chaat ! Lovely event Jay..Will send in my entries...

I love panner and I will try to come up with something!

sweatha said...

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Jay said...

Dear Preety, Spice, Shabitha, Hungry tummies,

Thanks for your lovely feedback...Looking forward your
healthy tasty entries...:-)

Jay said...

Hy Sweatha,

Thanx for stopping by. Let me check out your space soon.

Sharmilee! :) said...

Paneer chat that sounds interesting and yummy!

chaat looks fab and intersting..wil try it out some time and nice event..will try n send some entry.....have a great event ahead

A fabulous dish! I really have to make my own paneer...



Srimathi said...

Great idea to make a chaat out of paneer.

Peanutts said...

thanks for the invitation :) but I dont normally cook paneer, never would probably be the better answer hehe, but looking forward for the various ways its cooked in and thanks for showing how its made

SpicyTasty said...

Nice event. I love paneer. I have submitted my recipe for the event.

Prats Corner said...

Cooll..i have few paneer recipes in my draft but not sure how to link it to ur event..Do lemme know..Urs would be my first event...Yay!!!

Preethi Sriram said...

Hey dear

I love paneer. So definitely no way i'm in

Preethi Sriram said...

Hey dear,

I love paneer, and i'm really happy to be a part of this event.

Please do visit my blog and post your valuable comments.

RV said...

Hey Jay Can I send you the recipe to make Fat Free Paneer


Prats Corner said...

Hi Jay...I have sent 2 entries for ur event..I just posted ur link in my post..Let me know if u received them..Will try again if needed..Thx!

Saras said...

HEy Jay nice event. will send my entries soon.

By the way you can post it my Food events blog.

Saraswathi Iyer

Santosh Bangar said...

hi very lovely and easy too. it can made in no time and nutiricous.1st time here be kind to visit my blog
i wii also participate in ur event.

Lovely chaat :) Happy hosting dear.

Lovely paneer esp for me since I love it. Will definitely send a dish soon.First time at your blog site and love it !!Am following your blog now. Keep up the good work!!


Pushpa said...

Paneer dish looks so colorful and yummy...happy hosting...

Lisa said...

Just sent you my entry. Paneer is a favorite of mine. Thanks for this great theme.

Madhavi said...

Hey Dear, hope u got my entries :))

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