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How to make soft Idiyappam /Noolappam/Noolputtu Recipe - Easy Video Recipe

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idiyappam recipe
Idiyappam Recipe 

Looking for healthy breakfast / dinner recipes? Here comes the famous, healthy culinary speciality from South Indian cuisine, Idiyappam recipe. Its very easy to prepare tasty and soft idiyappams at home. This tastes so soft, easily digestable and especially steam cooked. Its an all time favorite at our home and its best served with any spicy gravy or with sweetened milk. I will share with you how to make idiyappam with homemade rice flour in this video recipe!

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  • Rice flour - 2 cups
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Oil - 1 tsp
  • Salt to taste


  1. Keep rice flour ready. (you can see here how to prepare rice flour at home easily)
  2. Add a tsp of gingely oil or any cooking oil and 1/2 tsp of salt to water and let it boil.
  3. Add this hot water to a mixing bowl and start adding rice flour little by little with continous stirring.
  4. Once the rice flour gathers up to smooth soft dough, stop adding rice flour and knead well as shown in video.
  5. Cover the dough with lid and let it rest for 5 mins.
  6. Grease the idiyappam mould with oil.
  7. Take a small portion of dough and stuff it inside the mould.
  8. Grease idli plates or idiyappam plates with oil.
  9. Press the idiyappam mould slowly as the idiyappam collects in the plates. (as shown in video)
  10. Place the plates in idli cooker and steam cook for 5 mins in high flame.
  11. Turn off flame.
  12. Sooper soft & delicious idiyappams are ready.
  13. Serve hot with paya, vegetable masala curry or any curry of your choice.
idiyappam recipe

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