Monday, September 18, 2017

How to clean Prawns? - Easy Video Recipe

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prawn recipe
How to clean Prawns properly before cooking :

Prawns are one of the healthy delicious seafood which is a favorite of all non veg lovers. Even though cleaning prawn is a time consuming process, its a must to devein the prawns before cooking. Today, I am here with a easy to follow  video tutorial of how to clean the prawns quickly & perfectly.

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  • Prawns - as required


  1. Clean and wash prawns thoroughly.
  2. Take prawn and twist & pull the head from the prawn body. (as shown in video)
  3. Now gently squeeze the prawn body and peel the shell from the base to the tail.
  4. Next to remove the veins, make a slit on the upper flesh of the prawn with a sharp knife.
  5. Remove the dark colored vein completely. ( also you can scrape the flesh lightly & pull off the vein)
  6. Wash the prawn and set aside.
  7. Repeat the same for all prawns.
  8. Now prawns are ready to cook for curry, fry, barbique, salad or for seafood platter.
  9. Enjoy!
prawn recipe


  • To take off the fish smell & clean hands, dip it in a bowl of water with few drops of fresh lemon juice.

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  1. Nice post dear and your dish is so delicious. I like very much thanks for sharing.......

  2. Thanks for the inspiring feedback Suchana. Keep trying new recipes:)


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