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Ragi Koozh Recipe / Keppai Koozh / Ragi Porridge Recipe / Aadi Koozh / Step by Step Recipe

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Ragi Koozh:  Ragi Koozh is summer friendly, healthy and divine porridge recipe. It’s a perfect cooling drinkand has excellent amount of iron, complex protein and vitamin B. It is very famous in Tamil Nadu as a nutritious one pot meal. It is distributed as prasadam in temples especially during Tamil Aadi month. Its also commonly made and sold by street vendors. Try this gluten free, diabetic friendly delicious Ragi Koozh at your home and beat the scorching summer heat.
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·         Ragi flour            - 2 cups
·         Raw rice              - ¼ cup
·         Onion chopped    - ½ cup
·         Yoghurt               - 1 cup
·         Salt to taste
1.       In a mixing bowl, add ragi flour.
2.      Add enough water and mix well so that there is no lumps.
3.      Allow to ferment overnight.
4.      Next day morning, cook raw rice and blend it in a mixer coarsely and set aside.
5.      Chop finely onion, green chilly (optional) to slices.
6.      Keep the yoghurt ready.
7.      Now add the fermented ragi mixture to a thick bottomed pan.
8.      Keep the flame in medium and stir.
9.      Once it starts boiling, the mixture starts thickening.
10.   Add enough water and continue stirring continuously.
11.    Take care the mixture doesn’t stick to bottom and form lumps.
12.   So add water accordingly and stir with a wooden spatula.
13.   It takes approximately 5 to 7 mins to cook completely.
14.   Turn off the flame.
15.   Allow to cool.
16.   Now add mashed and cooked rice.
17.   Add salt and mix.
18.   That’s it…thick Ragi Koozh is ready.
19.   To make it drinking consistency, scoop 2 to 3 ladles of thick ragi mixture in a bowl.
20.  Add buttermilk or yoghurt with little water and sprinkle sliced onions and green chilly (optional)
21.   Mix well.
22.  Serve warm or chilled.
23.  Fresh and delicious Ragi Koozh is ready to beat this scorching summer.
Aadi Koozh

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