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Bhel Puri Recipe / Indian Chat Recipes / Healthy Snack Recipes

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Bhel Puri Chat
Bhel Puri:  Looking for a simple yet nutritious and delicious snack to munch on with evening tea? Here goes the very popular Bhel Puri Chaat recipe, that tastes crispy, soft, sweet,spicy , tangy and tongue tickling. This is a delicious mixture of puffed rice with sev, onion, tomato and sweet-spicy chutneys.  Try this popular street snack at home with this easy stepwise recipe.
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·         Puffed rice           -  3 to 4 cups
·         Onion slices         -  3 tbsp
·         Tomato slices      -  2 tbsp
·         Coriander leaves chopped  -  1 tbsp
·         Sev                       - 1 cup ( available readymade)
·         Green chilly sliced          - 1 tsp
·         Mango sliced                   - 2 tsp
·         Green chutney    - 1 tbsp
·         Sweet chutney    - 1 tbsp
Bhel Puri Chat
1.       Keep the puffed rice ready.
Slice onion, tomato, mango, coriander leaves, green chilly finely.

 Click here to view how to make sweet chutney & green chutney at home..
2.      In a mixing bowl, add puffed rice.
3.      Add in sev and mix.
4.      Add sliced onions.
5.      Add sliced tomatoes, green chilly and mango.
6.      Add finely sliced coriander leaves.
7.      Finally add green chutney & sweet tamarind chutney.
8.      Mix well.
9.      You can alter the ingredients according to your liking.
10.   Transfer to serving plate.
11.    Garnish with finely sliced onion, tomato, coriander leaves and sev.
Bhel Puri Chat
12.   Lipsmacking delicious Bhel Puri chaat is ready.
Bhel Puri Chat
13.   It makes a healthy snack with piping hot cup of chai.
Bhel Puri Chat


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