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Dragon Chicken - Easy Restaurant Style Recipe / Indo-Chinese Chicken Recipes

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Dragon Chicken
Dragon Chicken: Today’s post is one of the very appealing and delicious Chinese recipe, Dragon Chicken. I have tasted this in Chinchaas Restaurant and absolutely loved this chicken starter. Its really quick & easy to prepare with minimum ingredients. This dish can be served as a side dish to go with fried rice, biryani or with roti dishes.  Check out this easiest Dragon Chicken recipe which will make your tummy twirl.
To Marinate:
·         Boneless Chicken           - ½ kg
·         Egg                                   - 1
·         All purpose flour             - 3 tbsp
·         Corn flour                        - 2 tbsp
·         Ginger garlic paste         -1 tsp
·         Pepper pwd                     - ½ tsp
·         Red chilly pwd                - 1 tsp
·         Dark soy sauce                - 1 tsp
·         Salt to taste
Dragon Chicken
To make Dragon Chicken
·         Oil                                   - to deep fry
·         Onions sliced                  - 1 cup
·         Capsicum sliced              - ½ cup
·         Cashew                            -6 to 8
·         Red chilly                        - 2
·         Ginger garlic paste         -1 tsp
·         Dark soy sauce                - 1 tsp
·         Red chilly sauce              - 1 tsp
·         Tomato ketchup              - 2 tbsp
·         Sugar                               - ½ tsp
·         Sliced spring onions       - to garnish
·         Fresh coriander leaves
·         Salt to taste
Dragon Chicken
1.       Wash, clean the chicken thoroughly.
2.      Chop to bite sized pieces.
3.      In a mixing bowl, add corn flour, maida flour, red chilly pwd, salt, ginger garlic paste, pepper pwd, dark soy sauce and egg.
4.      Add the chicken pieces and mix well, so that the chicken is coated completely.
5.      Let it marinate for minimum 1 hour.
6.      Heat oil in a fry pan.
7.      Once the oil is hot, drop the marinated chicken pieces carefully.
8.      Take care not to overcrowd the oil.
9.      Deep fry until the chicken is cooked to crisp and brown.
10.   Drain and set aside.
11.    Slice onions and capsicum to fine cubes.
12.   Heat oil in a pan.
13.   Add cashew and red chillies.
14.   Saute for a minute.
15.   Add in sliced onions and capsicum.
16.   Saute in high flame.
17.   Add in ginger garlic paste.
18.   Fry until raw smell disappears.
19.   Add dark soy sauce, red chilly sauce, tomato ketchup , sugar and salt.

20.  Mix well until the sauce combines and turn thick.
21.   Add ¼ cup of water to ensure the gravy is enough to coat the chicken pieces.
22.  Add the fried chicken pieces and saute well in the gravy.
23.  Turn off flame.
24.  Transfer to serving plate.
25.  Garnish with sliced spring onions and coriander leaves.
26.  Sprinkle sesame seeds on top.
Dragon Chicken
27.  Serve hot with fried rice, biryani, pulav or any Indian bread of your choice.
Dragon Chicken


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