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Grilled Chicken Recipe / Grilled Tandoori Chicken

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Chicken Grill
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Looking for a scrumptiously tasty Grilled Chicken recipe for get-together? Here goes the truly delicious, flavor-packed, tender and juicy chicken recipe that is so easy to prepare at home. In this recipe, the chicken is marinated with a special blend of seasonings and slow grilled in oven for smoky flavor and charred grill marks. Try it out and enjoy the meal.
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·         Whole chicken cleaned  - 1
·         Yoghurt                            -  ½ cup
·         Cooking oil                      - 1 tbsp
·         Turmeric pwd                 - ¼ tsp
·         Red chilly pwd                - 1 ½ to 2 tsp
·         Cumin pwd                      - ½ tsp
·         Coriander pwd                - 1 tsp
·         Cinnamon pwd               - ½ tsp
·         Pepper pwd                     - ½ to ¾ tsp
·         Ginger garlic paste         - 1 tbsp
·         Tandoori masala pwd     - 1 tsp
·         Salt                                   -to taste
·         Sugar                               - ½ tsp
·         Oil                                    - to spray over chicken
·         Lemon juice                    - few drops
Chicken Grill
1.       Wash and clean the chicken thoroughly.
2.      In a mixing bowl, add yoghurt, veg oil, turmeric pwd, red chilly pwd (or paprika pwd), cumin pwd, coriander pwd, cinnamon pwd, pepper pwd, ginger garlic paste, tandoori masala pwd, salt and sugar(optional)
3.      Mix well to makea paste.
4.      Apply the masala paste all over the chicken,  so that the chicken is well coated.
5.      Let it marinate for 10 to 12 hours or preferably overnight.
6.      Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius.
7.      Place the marinated chicken in grill tray.
8.      Brush vegetable oil all over the chicken on both the sides.
9.      Place it in the oven and grill for about 20 minutes.
10.   Flip it over and brush oil over the chicken.
11.    Place it in the grill and grill for another 20 mins.
12.   Make sure the chicken is cooked tender & really juicy.
13.   Take care not to burn the chicken. Overcooking the chicken makes it hard.
14.   Yummilicious Grill Chicken is ready.
15.   Squeeze few drops of lemon juice.
Chicken Grill
16.   Enjoy hot with sliced onions and mint chutney or dip of your choice.
Grill Chicken


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  3. This has to be done in convection mode or grill mode pls advice or convection + grill mode


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