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Poori with Aloo Masala / Poori Masala / Poori Kizhangu Recipe:

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Here goes the hotel style poori masala recipe which is enjoyed at all meal times by all age groups. The classic combo of fluffy poori and spicy aloo masala is truly unbeatable. I used to make Puri Masala during weekend breakfast and it’s a favorite dish for all of us. It is popularly known as Poori Kizangu in tamil. Check out the easy recipe..!
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To make Aloo Masala:
·         Potatoes               - 2 or 3
·         Onions                 - 1 big
·         Tomato                - 1 medium size
·         Green chilly         - 2
·         Garlic                   -4 pods
·         Coriander leaves  -handful
·         Oil                         - 1 tbsp
·         Mustard               - ¼ tsp
·         Cumin                  - ¼ tsp
·         Split urad dal      - ½ tsp
·         Hing                     - a generous pinch
·         Curry leaves        - 5
·         Turmeric pwd     - a pinch
·         Besan flour          - 2 tsp
·         Salt to taste
To make Pooris:
·         Wheat flour / Atta- 2 cups
·         Sugar                   - ½ tsp
·         Rava / sooji         - 1 tsp
·         Salt                       - to taste
How to make Aloo Masala:
1.       Wash and pressure cook the potatoes until soft.
2.      Peel off the skin and mash it completely.
3.      Finely slice onions, tomato, green chilly, garlic and coriander leaves.
4.      Heat oil in a frypan.
5.      Add mustard, cumin, split urad dal, hing and curry leaves.
6.      Wait to crackle.
7.      Add onions, garlic and green chilly.
8.      Saute for a minute.
9.      Add sliced tomatoes and fry.
10.   Add turmeric pwd and salt.
11.    Allow to cook for few seconds.
12.   Add ½ cup of water and cook covered with a lid.
13.   Now add the mashed potato.
14.   Mix well.
15.   In a small bowl, add 2 tsp of besan (gram) flour and add little water to make it a thin paste.
16.   Add this paste to the masala and combine.
17.   Check and add ¼ cup of water to adjust the consistency of the masala. The consistency of the masala shouldn’t be too thick or watery.
18.   Sprinkle finely chopped coriander leaves.
19.   Lipsmacking delicious Aloo Masala is ready. This masala can also used as a stuffing in Masala dosa and sandwiches.
How to make Fluffy Pooris:
1.       Take wheat flour in a mixing bowl.
2.      Add salt, sugar, rava ( to enhance the crispness of the poori) and ghee.
3.      Add water little by little and knead it to smooth soft dough.
4.      The dough shouldn’t be sticky and too soft.
5.      Divide it to small sized balls.
6.      Dust it slightly with flour and roll it to perfect round small discs.
7.      Heat oil in a fry pan.
8.      Slide the poori in hot oil.
9.      Wait for 2 seconds and press slightly with perforated ladle.
10.   You can see the poori puffs up.
11.    Gently flip it to next side.
12.   Deep fry until the poori turns crisp and golden.
13.   Drain from oil and keep it in kitchen tissue to drain the excess oil.
14.   Repeat the same for all the pooris.
15.   Take care to reduce the temperature of the oil by adjusting the flame. If the oil is too hot the pooris may get burnt and without getting cooked evenly.
16.   Serve the garma garam puffed pooris along with aloo masala.


  1. delicious poori aloo masala.

  2. love this dish anytime

  3. Wonderful combination! Love the look of both the pooris and the sabzi. Most tempting!!


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