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Parotta Recipe / Indian Layered Bread Recipe / Tasty Dinner Ideas

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Parotta / Indian Layered Bread: The very thought of soft,  flaky parotta with hot & spicy salna gives waterymouth. It’s a gem among South Indian dinner recipes. The popular street food can be prepared at home easily. The main ingredients are maida flour, milk, sugar and bread slices to enhance the taste. Give a try and you will enjoy this scrumptiously tasty Indian bread.
·         Maida flour / all purpose flour  - 2 cups
·         Bread slices                     - 3 to 4
·         Milk                                  - ½ cup
·         Sugar                               - 1 tsp
·         Cooking soda                  - a pinch
·         Salt to taste
·         Oil to cook
1.       Take the bread and tear it to pieces.
2.      Add milk and knead it to smooth paste.
3.      Keep it aside.
4.      In a mixing bowl, add maida, salt, sugar, cooking soda.
5.      Mix well.
6.      Add the bread milk mixture and combine well.
7.      Add water little by little and knead it to smooth soft dough.
8.      Knead it gently for about 10 to 15 mins.
9.      Roll it to round ball and apply oil on the surface.
10.   Cover it with a lid and allow the dough to rest for ½ an hour.
11.    Divide the dough into equal sized balls.
12.   Take one ball dust it with flour and roll it to flat circle discs.
13.   Spray or apply a tsp of cooking oil over it.
14.   Now fold like fleats from one end to another.
15.   Hold the ends firmly and roll it to small circle.
16.   Now dust the rolling pin with flour and gently press it to slightly thicker shape.
17.   Take care not to merge the layers.
18.   Heat a skillet and drizzle few drops of oil to it.
19.   Place the parotta carefully and roast it by applying oil on both the sides.
20.  Once the parotta turns crisp and golden on both sides, remove from flame.
21.   Repeat the same for all the parottas.
22.  Stack 2 or 3 parottas together and gently beat them on sides to make it super flaky.
23.  Soft and delicious parottas are ready.
24.  It makes an unbeatable combo with salna and raitha.

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  1. Perfectly made parotta.. Love the entire platter..


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