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Hakka Noodles is an extremely popular Indo-Chinese dish. Its absolutely simple to prepare the restaurant style Hakka Noodles at home. In this recipe, the boiled noodles are tossed with garlic and lots of colorful veggies in a spicy sauce. It’s a favorite among kids and adults alike. Check out this quick recipe to prepare this tasty noodles & enjoy the smile..
of your loved ones..:)
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·      Hakka Noodles               - 1 packet
·      Egg                                   -1
·      Oil                                     - 2 tbsp
·      Pepper pwd                     - 1 ½ tsp
·      Garlic                               - 2 pods
·      Kashmiri red chilly         -2
·      White spring onions chopped    - 1 cup
·      Sliced carrot                    - ½ cup
·      Sliced cabbage                -  ¼ cup
·      Sliced capsicum              - ¼ cup
·      Soya sauce                      -1 ½ tsp
·      Red chilly sauce              - 1 tsp
·      Vinegar                            -1 tsp
·      Chopped spring onion greens   - ½ cup
·      Salt to taste
1.     Wash and slice all the veggies to fine pieces.
2.    Beat egg in a small bowl and keep ready.
3.    Put a pot of water to boil.
4.   Add the noodles with ¼ tsp of oil and cook it for 2 mins.
5.    Once the noodles turns soft, turn off the flame.
6.   Drain the water and wash it to remove the excess starch.
7.    Set the cooked noodles aside.
8.   Heat oil in a wok.
9.   Add the beaten egg, sprinkle salt, ¼ tsp pepper pwd and toss.
10.Once the eggs are scrambled, take it aside.
11.  Add 2 tsp of oil in the same wok and heat it.
12. Add grated garlic, red chillies and white spring onions and toss on high flame.
13. Now add the sliced carrots, cabbage, capsicum and saute further for 2 mins.
14.Add soya sauce, red chilly sauce and saute.
15. Add vinegar, salt (add only if required) and black pepper pwd.
16.Add the cooked noodles and combine well.
17. Sprinkle spring onion greens and toss.
18.Finally add the scrambled eggs and turn off flame.
19.Hot n spicy Hakka Noodles is ready.
20.    Serve immediately with tomato ketchup or any manchurian / gravy of your choice.


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