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Cheese Paratha / Stuffed Cheese Paratha / Easy Paratha Recipes

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I love stuffed Parathas. One of my favorite is cheese stuffed paratha. It makes a simply delicious breakfast dish or a quick weeknight dinner. It is easy to prepare with whole wheat flour & spiced cheese stuffing. It simply combines good with pickle or curd. Try this kids..friendly easy to pack lunch dish at home and enjoy.
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To make dough:
·           Whole wheat flour / atta- 2 cups
·           Sugar        - ½ tsp
·           Salt           - as needed
·           Milk         - ¼ cup
·           Oil          - 2 tsp
·           Water     - as required to make dough
To make stuffing:
·           Cheese / paneer grated - 1 cup
·           Pepper pwd         - ½ tsp
·           Red chilly  pwd   - ¼ tsp
·           Green chilly         - 1
·           Cumin pwd          - ¼ tsp
·           Amchur pwd       - ¼ tsp
·           Lemon juice        - few drops
·           Fresh coriander leaves
·           Oil /butter to fry
·           Salt to taste
To Make dough:
1.          Take whole wheat flour/atta in a wide bowl.
2.         Add salt and ½ tsp sugar and combine.
3.         Sprinkle ¼ cup of milk and 2 tsp of oil.
4.        Mix well. By sprinkling water little by little knead it to smooth soft dough.
5.         Apply oil to the surface of the dough and keep it covered for ½ an hour.
6.       Lets prepare the cheese stuffing.
7.         Grate paneer / Indian cottage cheese or any other cheese to fine shreds.
8.        Add it to bowl.
9.        Add salt, pepper pwd, red chilly pwd, green chilly chopped, cumin pwd, amchur pwd, lemon juice and finely sliced coriander leaves.
10.     Mix well. Set the cheese stuffing aside.
11.       Now divide the dough to equal sized balls.
12.      Dust it with flour and roll each ball into a small round.
13.      Stuff a spoonful of cheese mixture in the round.
14.     Seal all the edges together and make it to small patties.
15.      Now dust it with flour again and roll these back again into sizeable discs.
16.     Roll gently and take care the stuffing does not come out of the paratha.
17.      Heat the tawa and drizzle oil/butter to it.
18.     Place the rolled paratha on it.
19.     Once it starts getting half done from the bottom side, flip it over and rub oil/butter on the sides.
20.    Keep pressing both the sides on the tawa so that the paratha cooks evenly.
21.      Once it turns golden brown and crisp, remove from flame.
22.     Serve hot cheese paratha with pickle or yoghurt.


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