Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jalebi Sweet / How to make Jalebi / Indian Jalebi Recipe

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New Year is just a few days away and I wish everyone a very Happy & Prosperous 2015 !
Here comes the most popular sweet recipe of the Indian cuisine, Jalebi. It’s a deep fried dessert prepared from all purpose flour, soaked in sugar syrup and garnished with aromatic saffron strands. This can be made right in your own kitchen easily. Try this delicious celebration sweet & the melt-in-mouth taste. 
·      Yoghurd                           - ½ cup
·      Maida flour                      - 100 g
·      Corn flour                        -  30 g
·      Orange food color             - a pinch
·      Saffron strands                - ½ tsp
·      Sugar                               - 1 ½ cup
·      Oil to fry

1.   In a bowl, add yoghurt and beat well.
2.   Add maida  and corn flour to it.
3.   Add food color, crushed saffron and mix without lumps.
4.   Add 1 tbsp of hot oil  & mix well again.
5.   Let it ferment for 4 to 5 hrs in warm place.
6.   After fermentation, you can smell a very good flavor from the batter.
7.   Mix the batter very good with hands and see to it,  the consistency is loose. ( it should pour down like single thread when dropped from top )
8.   Heat oil in a fry pan.
9.   Fill the batter in a ziplock cover and make a very small hole in it at the bottom.
10.Meanwhile,  to prepare sugar syrup, add sugar to the bowl.
11.Add very little water to it and heat with stirring.
12.Once the sugar syrup attains one string consistency, add few saffron strands and remove from flame. ( we can add 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice, to prevent crystallization of sugar syrup )
13.Now, squeeze the batter from ziplock cover to small circles in hot oil. ( I couldn't get perfect shape, but in practise, its possible.!  )
14.Let it cook in low medium heat to crispy jalebis.
15.Remove from heat and drop it in warm sugar syrup.
16.Soak it for a minute and take it off.
17.Awesome  crispy & juicy  Jalebi  is ready to enjoy..:)
18. Jalebis tastes best when served hot..!
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We wish you a promising & fulfilling New Year..!!!


  1. Very delicious jalebis!!!want to grab one and eat!!!

  2. I tried your recipe and it was PERFECT!
    Thank you :) :)

  3. I tried your recipe and it was PEEERFECT!!
    Thank you :)

  4. Its looks yum�� I wld like to try it
    Wld u plz tell me the measurements of yogurt
    A cup= ?


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