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Thattai / Pepper Thattai / Milagu Thattai Recipe / Diwali Snacks Recipes

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With Diwali, Festival of Lights, just a few days ahead, who are all in for a crispy, crunchy munchy,  spicy snack along with hot cup of tea? 
Here I am with really addictive snack Pepper Thattai ( Milagu Thattai) recipe. We can easily prepare this spicy snack for Diwali and enjoy the delicious festive moments. 
It is made of rice batter, roasted gram dal flour, crushed peppercorns and other spices. You can prepare this couple of days in advance too. It stays fresh for up to 3 weeks.
Check out the spicy & tasty recipe below..!
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Ingredients: ( Makes about 25 Thattais)
·         Boiled Rice               - ½ cup
·         Roasted gram dal / pottukadalai - a little less than ½ cup
·         Peppercorns             - 1 tsp
·         Hing / asafetida         - a generous pinch
·         Curry leaves             - 8 to 10
·         Peanuts crushed       - 3 to 4 tbsp
·         Oil to deep fry
·         Salt to taste
1.     Wash and soak boiled rice for about 5 to 6 hours.
2.     Drain the water and add it to blender.
3.     Grind it to smooth batter by adding very little water.
4.     Pour it to mixing bowl.
5.     Grind roasted gram dal / pottukadalai to smooth powder.
6.     Sieve the powder to ensure there are no lumps.
7.     Now add this roasted gram dal powder to the rice batter in the mixing bowl.
8.     Add peppercorns and curry leaves to blender and crush it coarsely.
Add this to mixing bowl along with salt and hing.
9.     Add coarsely crushed peanuts.
10.  Mix well.
11.  Knead it to soft dough, without adding water.( if required sprinkle few tsps of water)
12.  Add 1 ladle full of hot oil to the dough and mix well. ( adding hot oil to the dough makes the thattais sooper crispy)
13.  Keep  it covered for 5 mins.
14.  Now make small lemon sized balls out of it.
15.  Place the ball over a greased plastic cover and pat it gently to small discs. ( do not make it too thin)
 Keep all the flattened Thattais ready for deep frying.
16.  Heat oil in the frypan.
17.  Drop the thattais gently in the hot oil. ( drop 5 to 6 thatttais at a time)
18.  Deep fry until the thattais turn crisp and light brown.
19.  Drain it on the kitchen tissue.
20.  Repeat the process of flattening and deep frying until you finish the dough.
21.  Sooper crispy and crunchy Pepper Thattai is ready.
22.  Once cooled completely, store them in an air-tight container.
23.  You just can’t stop eating one..:)
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