Sunday, October 26, 2014

Quick & Easy Health Tips.!!!

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Quick & Easy Health Tips: 

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Helpful tips for Good Health:
Our health is in our hands. Lets take good care of it with these tips..
·       Honey, one of the oldest sweeteners of the earth, offers more than just sweetness. It fights infection, digestive problems, aids tissue healing and helps reduce inflammation.
·       Brown rice is very good for health than white rice as it is rich in fibre content apart from carbohydrates. Also brown rice contains less calories than white rice.
·       Paneer is rich in proteins and calcium. It helps in digestion and building strong teeth and bones.
·       While preparing roti add soyabean, black gram and a small portion of bran to the wheat flour. This combo of ingredients makes the roti a good source of energy.
·       Try to include more fruits in your meal. Fruits are highly rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber content & its 100% bad cholesterol free. Its much easier for the body to process and absorb the vitamins and minerals from the fresh fruit.
·       You know... Cinnamon is very effective in curing respiratory ailments and to relieve cold and cough.
·       Drink  Coconut water as much as possible coz it is sterile and has an ideal pH level. It provides excellent nutrition to our body.
·       Lentils are rich in dietary fibre, folate, iron and vitamin B1. It helps to regulate our blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
·       You know, One Carrot provides more than 200% of recommended daily intake of Vitamin A, which is very helpful to prevent “night blindness”. Also carrots have zero fat content and many phytonutrients too.
·       To get rid of flies in the rainy season, sprinkle some Fennel powder in the kitchen corners.
·       Cloves contain anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidant properties. It helps in relieving tooth pains.
·       Ajwain, plays a very important role as a medicinal ingredient in both Ayurvedic and Unani medicine. It aids in effective digestion.
·       Another interesting fact, Red Chillies have amazing health benefits. They contain the chemical compound capsaicin, which has anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, analgesic and anti-diabetic properties. They’re also rich in vitamins A.B and C.
·       Last but not least, green leafy vegetables. They’re full of vitamins, minerals and most importantly disease fighting phytochemicals. They’re rich in fibre content, an important nutrient for weight loss and maintainance coz it helps control your hunger.


  1. now I have to try if this fennel powder really does chase away flies!!

  2. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful n lovely health tips :)
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