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How to make soft Phulkas at home? Like us on Youtube for more Video Recipes
Want to know the easy recipe to make Phulka / Soft Chapathi ? Here goes the video and stepwise pics method for making garma garam Phulkhas at home. Phulkas are very light, soft in texture and melt in your mouth.
Few days back, when my sister-in-law Kavitha, showed me how to make Phulka, the way they puff up in direct flame as they show in ads, I was in awww and truly inspired. Now am gaining confidence to make soft phulkas by my own too.

I am so glad to share with you here the healthy and light Indian bread Phulka recipe. Do try at your home and enjoy the yummy taste..:)

·         Whole wheat flour    - 2 cups
·         Salt                        - ½ to ¾ tsp
·         Water                      - 1 cup or more as needed
·         Ghee / oil                - 3 to 4 tsp
·         Take whole wheat flour / atta in a mixing bowl.
·         Add salt and 2 tsp ghee / oil and mix well.
·         Sprinkle water little by little and knead it to smooth soft dough.
·         The consistency of the dough is very important. Take care the dough should be pliable and soft. (If the dough is hard, the phulkas wont puff up. On the other hand if the dough is very soft, it will get sticky on rolling)
·         Now cover the dough with a plate or cloth and set aside for 30 mins.
·         Make medium sized balls out of the dough.
·         Take out one of the ball, roll it in your palms, flatten it and dust it with wheat flour.

·         Place it on the rolling disc and roll it with pin to thin circular disc shape as shown in the pic.

·         Heat a tawa / dosa pan on flame.
·         Once the tawa reaches sufficient hot, place the roti gently on it.
·         Allow to cook on one side.
·         Once the bubble starts appearing, ( it should be ¼ th cooked ) flip it to the other side.
·         Cook this side, until it is half cooked and slight brown spot appears.
·         Now hold the roti with a tong ( remove the tawa / griddle from flame ) and keep the first side which was cooked directly over the flame.
·         The roti starts puffing.
·         Now flip it over to other side gently.

·         The roti puffs up completely.

·         Remove and apply ghee on rotis.
·         Sooper soft and fluffy Phulkas are ready.
·         Serve hot with any spicy curry, dal or any side dish of your choice.
·         We enjoyed the delicious combo of phulkas with chicken curry and cucumber raitha.

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  1. Lovely tutorial Jay and what perfectly puffed phulka!

  2. Phuklas have puffed up beautifully.. Very well explained..

  3. Wow... I like Phulka very much,tastier and healthier... video is awesome...


  4. Wow ! At the nick of time !
    Just the other day I was wondering how to make it because I saw it in a TV show. And it is healthy too and are the tastiest version of chappattis

  5. I used to think these were called chapattis

  6. nice attention to detail..looks soft and fluffy.


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