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As Father’s day is around the corner, I wanted to share a heavenly dessert recipe, Thirunelveli Halwa.
South Indians will be familiar with this famous halwa, which is sold at Thirunelveli, a big city in the south of Tamil Nadu. This popular sweet has its unique rich taste, blended...with the renowned melt in mouth texture topped with ghee flavor.
It tastes divine when served fresh and hot. 
Here goes the easy Thirunelveli hawa recipe in simple way..!
·       Wheat flour               - 1 cup
·       Sugar                       - 1 ½ cup
·       Ghee                        - 6 to 8 tbsp
·       Cashewnuts              - 10 to 15
·       Cardamom pwd        - ¼ tsp
·       Food color               - a pinch
1.   Add the wheat flour to a mixing bowl.
2.   Add 2 cups of water, little by little and mix it to smooth batter.
3.   Add enough water, so that the batter is in dilute consistency as shown in the pic and without any lumps. ( you can strain the batter in filter to remove any lumps formed)
4.   Heat 2 tbsp of ghee in a non-stick pan.
5.   Add broken cashews and roast it to golden.
6.   Take it aside.
7.   Add the dilute wheat flour batter.
8.   Stir well in low flame.
9.   Keep stirring continuously. Take care no lumps are formed.
10. Melt the remaining ghee and keep it ready.
11. Once the batter starts turning thicker, add 2 tsps of ghee and stir well.
12. Continue stirring until the batter turns thick consistency by adding few tsps of ghee at a time. 
 (this process involves lot of patience, else the wheat flour batter will get burnt at the bottom of the pan. Also the raw smell of the wheat flour should disappear. The stirring process may take approx about 10 to 12 mins)

13. Once the thick batter stage is reached as shown, add sugar.
14. Mix well.
15. Add cardamom pwd and ghee.
16. Stir well.
17. Now mix a pinch of food color in a tbsp of water and add to the mixture.
18. Continue stirring.
19. Add ghee and keep stirring until the added ghee starts oozing out at the sides of halwa.( it takes approx 12 to15 mins)
20. Stir for few more mins, now you can see the halwa does not stick to the pan anymore and turns a thick mass of ball with rolling consistency.
21. Finally add a tsp of ghee and add the roasted cashewnuts.
22. Stir well.
23. Turn off flame.
Transfer to serving plate.
24. Your homemade Thirunelveli halwa is ready.
25. It tastes lipsmacking good when served hot..!!!
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  1. That looks amazing! I love all kinds of halwa, I will have to try this variation sometime soon. :)

  2. lip smacking halwa with beautiful clicks.

  3. lip smacking halwa with beautiful clicks.

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  11. TQ dearies for your inspiring notes..:)


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