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Thavala Adai is a delicious South Indian snack prepared from lentils, rice and grated coconut. It is very famous and served as prasadam in many temples in South India. 
This authentic Indian tiffin variety is prepared in..different styles.
My Mil makes lovely Thavala Adai. Recently I tried it and came out so tasty good. 
This is very easy to prepare and can be served crispy hot as either breakfast or evening snack.
Presenting to you the wonderfully delicious Thavala Adai recipe here..!

·       Idly rice                    - 1 cup
·       Toor dal                   - ½ cup
·       Cumin seeds            - 2 tsp
·       Pepper                     - 1 tsp
To season:
·       Oil                            - 1 tbsp
·       Mustard                    - ¼ tsp
·       Cumin                      - ½ tsp
·       Split urad dal            - ½ tsp
·       Bengal gram dal       - 1 tsp
·       Red chilly                 - 2
·       Curry leaves             - a twig
·       Hing                         - a pinch
·       Shredded coconut  - 2 to 3 tbsp
·       Salt to taste
1.   Dry roast toor dal, cumin seeds and pepper in low medium flame till nice aroma comes out.
2.   Turn off flame.
3.   Allow to cool completely.
4.   Add it to blender and grind coarsely.
5.   Keep it aside.
6.   Take idly rice (par boiled rice) in the blender and pulse it for just few seconds. ( it should be in the idly rawa texture)
7.   Now take both the idly rawa and freshly ground lentil spice pwd ( step 4 ) in a mixing bowl.
8.   Mix well.
9.   Heat the pan with oil.
10. Add mustard, cumin, split urad dal, chana dal / Bengal gram dal, curry leaves, red chilly and wait to splutter.
11. Add hing and shredded coconut.
12. Toss for one minute.
13. Add idly rawa mixture and combine.
14. Now add 3 cups of boiling water and mix well with required salt.
15. Cover and cook in medium high flame.
16. Stir once in a while and keep in simmer for 5 minutes.
17. Once the rawa is cooked and gets thickened up, switch off the flame.
18. Allow it to cool.
19. Grease your hands with oil.
20. Take a small ball out of the mixture.
21. Flatten it in your palm into a small disk shape with hole in the centre.
22. Repeat the same for all the mixture.
23. Now heat the dosa girdle / tawa and drizzle some oil in it.
24. Place the flattened adai gently.
25. Add few drops of oil to the sides and fry on medium heat.
26. Cook both sides until it turns brown and crispy.
27. Remove from flame.
28. Delicious and authentic Thavala Adai is ready to taste.

29. Serve hot with mint chutney and sambar or any side dish of your choice.

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  1. Looks like a good idea for a healthy snack.

  2. Looks like a good idea for a healthy snack.

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    This is a healthy and very delicious food. Blessings, Catherine

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