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How to make Kalakhand Sweet:  Like us on Youtube for more Video Recipes
Kalakand is a very popular  Indian sweet. It is also known as Malai Burfi in North India. This sweet is soft, grainy in texture, which is just mouth watering fresh and rich in flavor and loved by everybody.
This delicious sweet is made out of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese. Treat  yourself with this exotic,  traditional dessert and enjoy..!
Here goes the very easy and shortcut recipe for kalakand..:)

·         Milk                          - 1 litres
·         Paneer                     - 200 g
·         Sugar                       - ½ cup
·         Ghee                        - 2 tbsp
·         Chopped nuts           - 2 tbsp
1.     Boil milk in a thick bottomed pan.
2.     Heat in simmer by stirring once in a while, until the milk reaches half its volume.
3.     Take paneer in a bowl and grate to fine shreds with finger.
4.     You can prepare paneer at home ( click here to see, how to prepare paneer at home with stepwise pics)  or you can use store bought paneer too.
5.     Once the milk reaches thicker consistency, add the paneer.
6.     Stir well.
7.     Cook the paneer, till the consistency reaches the dough consistency.
8.     Take care the mixture doesn’t gets stick to the bottom of the pan, else the color changes.
9.     After some 7 to 8 mins, the mixture turns thicker.
10.  Add sugar, ghee and combine.
11.  Mix by continuously stirring the mixture with the spatula. 
12.  Cook till the mixture turns lumpy.
13.  This should be done of low flame / heat level only.
14.  Once it reaches coarse dough texture and separates from the non-stick pan, turn off the flame.
15.  Take a small tray and grease it with oil or ghee.
16.  Spread the kalakhand to the tray and flatten it over the top with a spoon.
17.  Garnish with grated almond or pistachio slices.
18.  Allow to cool off for 30 mins.
19.  Cut it to desired shape with a greased knife when its still warm.
20.  Serve warm or chilled.
21.  Delicious lipsmacking homemade Kalakand sweet is ready.
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