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Today’s recipe is another healthy and easy to make dessert that you can try at home, Wheat flour Ladoos / Atta Laddu. This is made with just few ingredients and the final product is just awesome. 
Last week I made this ladoo with homemade wheat flour and it came out extremely delicious and crumbly. 
This traditional Indian sweet is very nutritional and prepared especially during special occasions or festivals.
Here goes the healthy & tasty Atta Ladoo recipe..:)
·         Atta / Wheat flour      - 2 cups
·         Sugar                       - 1 cup
·         Ghee (melted)           - ¾ cup
·         Cardamom pwd        - ½ tsp
·         Sliced pistachios      - 2 tbsp
1.     Grind the sugar into fine pwd.
2.     Heat a tsp of ghee in a non-stick fry pan.
3.     Add the wheat flour and roast it low medium flame.
4.     Continue roasting until the wheat flour turns golden brown and lets out nice aroma. ( be sure to roast the flour well)
5.     Turn off flame and let it cool.
6.     Heat ghee and keep it warm.
7.     Slice pistachios coarsely and keep ready.
8.     In  a mixing bowl, add the roasted wheat flour, powdered sugar and  powdered elaichi. 
9.     Combine well.
10.  Now add the melted ghee and mix completely.
11.  Take a little portion of the mixture and shape it to ladoos.
12.  If the mixture is too smooth, and does not hold its shape, sprinkle few drops of warm milk and make round shape ball.

13.  Garnish with chopped pistachios on top of the ladoo. ( you can also add roasted or chopped raw nuts and pistachios to the mixture and make ladoos)
14.  Keep it aside to set it firm.
15.  Yummiliious Wheat flour ladoos are ready.
16.  Store in an air-tight container. They can be stored for almost 10 tens.
17.  Enjoy tasty Atta Ladoo…!!
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  1. Thank you for this great and simple recipe!
    I tried it and they came out great, maybe a bit too sweet for me though, will try with bit less sugar for Diwali :)


  2. Can I use jaggery instead of sugar


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