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Vegetable Spring Rolls:   Like us on Youtube for more Video Recipes
Looking for easy to make tasty Spring Rolls recipe?  Try this quick recipe to make authentic Asian appetizer at your home.
I have made a simple vegetable stir fry filling for this spring roll.! It purely depends on your choice of colorful veggies. 
This classic dish is a favorite of everyone, children in particular.  Brimming with lots of flavor and healthy vegetables, these spring rolls make a great starter / appetizer for any party. 
Here goes the crispy, crunchy Spring Rolls recipe to prepare much fresher and tastier rolls at your home..:)
·         Spring Roll Wrappers / Pastry Sheets            - 10 ( you can get frozen spring roll wrappers from Asian supermarkets )
·         White cabbage shredded                              - 2 cups
·         Carrot chopped                                            - 2 cups
·         Capsicum thinly sliced                                  - 1 cup
·         Onion slices                                                 - 1 cup
·         Coriander chopped                                       - ½ cup
·         ( also finely sliced red pepper,  yellow pepper, spring onions, bamboo shoots, celery, beans, bean sprouts can be used )
·         Oil                                                                - 2 tsp
·         Tomato ketchup                                            - 1 tbsp
·         Soya sauce                                                  - 1 tbsp
·         Pepper pwd                                                  - ½ to 1 tsp
·         All purpose flour / maida paste                      - 2 tbsp
·         Salt to taste
·         Oil to deep fry
1.     Keep the frozen pastry sheets in room temperature for 1 to 2 hours at room temperature before using. Once the pastry sheets are separable, wrap them in a wet kitchen cloth to prevent them from getting dry
2.     Chop finely cabbage, carrot, capsicum, beans, green onion, celery, yellow onion and any colourful veg of your choice to thin lengthwise pieces.
3.     Heat oil in a frypan / wok.
4.     Add all the chopped veggies, salt and saute in high flame for 2 mins.
5.     Now simmer the flame and let it cook covered for 3 to 4 mins. ( since we need veggies to remain crunchy, no need to add water)
6.     Once the veggies are done, add tomato ketchup, soya sauce and pepper pwd. ( can also add oyster sauce for extra flavor)
7.     Give a quick stir and remove from flame.
8.     Place it in a bowl to let it cool.
9.     Now the spring roll filling is ready.
10.  Take all purpose flour in a  small bowl.
11.  Add little warm water and mix it to fine paste. (this is to seal the edges of spring roll)
12.  Also beaten egg can be used for sealing edges.
13.  Take one pastry sheet / wrapper at a time.
14.  Keep it in diamond shape as shown in pic.
15.  Brush the four edges of the wrapper with all purpose flour paste.
16.  Now add the veg filling in the bottom part of the wrapper.
17.  Lift the wrapper over the top and tuck it in under the filling.
18.  Roll it over.
19.  Next fold over the left and right sides and roll it up.
20.  Brush a little more all purpose flour paste along the top part and seal the edge of the roll.
21.  Repeat until all the rolls are finished. ( keep them covered with damp cloth )
22.  Heat oil in a frypan.
23.  Once the oil is hot, deep fry  the spring rolls in medium high flame.
24.  Flip it to other side for even browning.
25.  Once it turns golden brown n crisp, drain from oil.
26.  Put them on the toweled tray to remove excess oil.
27.  That’s it …crispy, crunchy Vegetable Spring rolls ready.
28.  They make an awesome combo with sweet & sour Chinese sauce, tomato sauce or any dip of your choice. 
Prepare & enjoy the tasty Spring Rolls with your friends..!!
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Meet you in next post…until then,


  1. Looks so delicious and yummy..

  2. this is super easy snack which i too make almost similar like u for party...sometimes freeze the rolls in advance n fry as neededd...well explained jay

  3. wow sells like spring rolls

  4. wow so perfectly made spring rolls and love the colorful stuffing :) tempting me !!

  5. Sum times v must allow these king deep fryings to make tummy happy even though they r not too healthy.i loved all d clicks jay.rreally...

  6. Sum times v must allow these king deep fryings to make tummy happy even though they r not too healthy.i loved all d clicks jay.rreally...

  7. Always great to have as an appetizer/snack/tea-time... or even as farsaan :P Lovely one...

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