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Motichoor Ladoo  For more Video recipes Subscribe here
Today I’m happy to share one of my favorite sweet...!!   Motichoor Ladoos are one of the most popular dessert  served at just about any special festive occasion in India. The recipe is very easy to prepare at home and healthy for kids too. 
It is prepared from fine boondhi where the balls are tiny and is cooked with sugar syrup, ghee and mixed with sliced nuts. These ladoos comes out perfect and handy to gift pack for diwali.
It tastes delicious and differ from other types of Ladoo. The appealing orange color of it do make the ladoos look more aesthetic and inviting.
Get the yummy recipe here and make this ladoos as your family favorite too..:)
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For batter
·       Gram flour / kadalai maavu    - 1 cup
·       Powdered sooji                    - 1 tbsp
·       Melted ghee                         - 1 tbsp
·       Food colour                          - a pinch
For sugar syrup:
·       Sugar                                   - 1 cup
·       Water                                   -  1 cup
·       Saffron strands                    - a few
·       Cardamom pwd                    - ½ tsp
.    Rose water                          - 1 tsp
For  frying bhoodhis:
·       Oil                                        -  to deep fry
For making Ladoos:
·       Sliced cashewnuts               -  2 tsp
·       Sliced pistachios                  - 2 to3 tsp
·       Sliced almonds                     - 1 tsp
·       Ghee                                    -  to grease hands
To make batter:
1.   Sieve gram flour along with powdered sooji and baking pwd.
2.   Take them in  a mixing bowl.
3.   Add melted ghee and combine.
4.   Add water little by little to make a batter of thick consistency. It should be in dosa batter consistency without any lumps. ( the consistency shouldn’t be too thick or watery )
5.   Now add food color and stir well.
6.   Keep the boondhi batter aside.
To prepare sugar syrup
1.   Take sugar in a wide bowl.
2.   Add water and mix well.
3.   Once the sugar is dissolved completely, bring it to boil with continous stirring.
4.   Turn the flame to low and stir.
5.   Keep boiling until the sugar syrup reaches one string / thread consistency. If you take the sugar syrup in your thumb finger and index finger, it should form one string consistency. 
6.   Turn off flame.
7.   Add cardamom pwd, saffron strands, rose water and mix.
8.   Keep it aside.
To make boondhis:
1.   Heat up oil in a kadai / frypan.
2.   Grease with oil and keep ready the perforated ladle or boondhi ladle for frying boondhis.
3.   Now take the batter and pour it gently over the ladle.
4.   Rub the batter on the ladle with a spoon ( or tap the perforated ladle with spoon ) , so that small drops of batter drop in oil.
5.   Fry boondhis on medium high flame for few minutes.
6.   Keep the flame in simmer, until the bubbles in oil settles down and boondhis turn golden brown. ( take care the bhoodhis doesn’t turn darker in color )
7.   Remove in a tissue and keep aside.
8.   Repeat the same till all the bhoodhis are fried up.
To prepare Ladoos:
1.   Add chopped cashewnuts, pistachio and almonds to the bhoodhi. ( you can also add melon seeds instead of nuts)
2.   Mix well.
3.   Pour the warm sugar syrup over it.
4.   Give a quick stir.
5.   Take this in a blender or food processor.
6.   Pulse it for just few seconds, so that it combines well to solid mass.  ( take care not to pulse for more time, it will turn completely mashed up)
7.   Take this in a bowl. ( if required sprinkle little milk and combine gently)
8.   Grease your hands with ghee / oil and take small portion out of it and make ladoos.
while making ladoos the mixture may be moist, but it will get firm after sometime.
9.   Tempting Motichoor Ladoos ready to enjoy.
10. Garnish each  ladoo with broken almond, or a pistachio as you wish.
11. It remains fresh for 3 to 4 days in room temperature and you can refrigerate it for more days.

My Tips:

·         Sieve the besan flour well to remove lumps.
·         The batter prepared should be in dosa batter consistency, neither too thick nor thin.
·         Adding baking soda to the batter helps in perfect puffing of bhoondhis while frying.
·         Clean the perforated ladle from batter for every batch and keep the ladle a little high from the oil, this will also helps to get perfect round shaped bhoondhis.
·         Make sure the oil is hot while dropping the  batter and also take care not to overcrowd the oil, there should be only one layer of bhoondhis in oil.  
·         Remove the bhoondhis immediately, while it stops sizzling in the oil.


  1. Super tempting ladoos. Btw, if u grind the boondis, how the boondis hold the shape . I could see the small full boondis in the pics

  2. Thanks Jeyashri, its just pulsing for few seconds, so that the ingredients bind together, and the boondhis doesn't get mashed up.

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  7. Thanks for stopping by friends and your sweet notes.
    Raks Anand: I have added my tips to get perfect round bhoondhis. Do try n lemme know..:)
    Sharmilee : This is the perforated ladle I used for preparing bhoondhis. Its available in all our Indian stores.

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