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Navratri Recipes :   For more Video recipes Subscribe here
So, the season of festivals is on the way. This year Navratri starts on October 5th and ends on October 13th. This is a festival full of worship, dance and music.
Navratri festival celebrates the worship of 
Goddess Shakti ( the warrior Goddess), 
Lakshmi ( Goddess of wealth ) and 
Saraswati ( the Goddess of knowledge ). 
Each goddess is worshipped for three days in turn. The festival culminates with Dussehra ( Vijayadashami ), the victory of good over evil, on the tenth day.
During this traditional occasion, a range of dishes are prepared. Every region in India celebrates this festival in its own way. 
In South India, people do worship of deities, keep Golu and make sundals or sweet recipes to offer as prasadam. In North India, nine days fasting or vrat is observed for peace, happiness and harmony. 
Here is a small collection of Navratri special dishes, which are delicious and delectable. Try them…
Happy  Cooking !! 
Sundal Recipes:
1.      Chana Dal Sundal
3.      Peanut Sundal
6.      Sweet Corn Sundal
8.      Multigrains Sundal
10. Sprouts Sundal
Vada / Snack Varieties:
1.        Medhu Vada
2.        Masala Vada
3.        Dahi Vada
4.        Paruppu Vada
5.        Sabudana Vada
6.        Crispy Onion Vada
7.        Beetroot Vada
8.        Ulundhu Vadai
Payasam / Kheer Varieties
1.        Moong Dal Kheer
2.        Semiya Payasam
3.        Carrot Kheer
4.        Paal Payasam / Milk Kheer
5.        Aval ( Poha ) Payasam
7.        Chana Dal Payasam
8.        Almond Banana Kheer
9.        Carrot Payasam
Traditional Sweet Varieties
1.        Rava Kesari
2.        Pineapple Kesari
3.        Badam Halwa
4.        Coconut Poli
5.        Suzhiyan
6.        Appam
7.        Milk Halwa
8.        Jelabi
9.        Coconut Burfi
13.   Cashew Burfi
14.   Dhoodh Peda
15.   Badam Peda
16.   Puran Poli
Ladoo Recipes
1.        Besan Ladoo
2.        Maa Ladoo
3.        Fried Gram Ladoo
4.        Sooji Ka Ladoo / Rava Ladoo
5.        Moong Dal Ladoo
6.        Urad Dal Ladoo
7.        Sesame Ladoo
8.        Boondhi Ladoo
Rice Varieties
1.        Pulihora / Tamarind Rice
2.        Lemon Rice
3.        Raw Mango Rice
4.        Peas bath
5.        Amla Rice
6.        Coconut Rice
7.        Jeera Rice
8.        Sweet corn Rice
Wish a advanced Happy Navratri with blessings of Goddess Durga.. !!


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