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Kasi Halwa    For more Video recipes Subscribe here
Kasi Halwa is one of the most scrumptious halwa, which will melt-away the moment you put it in your mouth. 
This popular South Indian traditional sweet is made with white pumpkin, sugar, ghee and nuts. The preparation is very simple and is usually enjoyed during weddings, festivals and special ceremonies. 
Here goes the easy yet delicious recipe for you to try at home..:)
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·         White pumpkin grated                       - 2 cups
·         Sugar                                               - 1 cup
·         Cashew nuts                                     - 7 or 8
·         Ghee                                                - 3 tbsp
·         Khoya                                              - 1 tbsp
·         Food color (optional)                        - a pinch
·         Cardamom pwd                                - a pinch
·         Saffron strands                                - a few
1.     Peel off the skin of white pumpkin, remove the seeds and shred the inner fleshy part. 

2.     Squeeze out the excess water from the grated pumpkin completely through a strainer. ( do not throw the water. We can use the nutritious water in cooking )
3.     Soak cashew in warm water for 5 mins and slice it to thin pieces.
4.     Heat a pan, add a tbsp of ghee.
5.     Add the shredded pumpkin, saute well.
6.     Cook covered for five minutes or until the raw smell disappears.  The pumpkin should be cooked soft.
7.     Toss well in high flame.
8.     Once it is cooked, the pumpkin will turn glossy and transparent.
9.     At this stage, add sugar and mix well.
10.  The halwa becomes a little watery but keep heating it stirring continuously.
11.  Now you can see the sugar has come to sticky consistency.
12.  Add khoya and combine.
13.  Mix a pinch of food color in 1 tsp of milk and add it to the halwa.
14.  Now add  2 tbsp of ghee and stir continuously in low flame.
15.  It will start forming a mass and leaves the sides of the pan.
16.  Once it reaches the sticky halwa consistency, turn off flame. Add cardamom pwd and saffron strands.
18.  Garnish with cashew nut slices.
19. Transfer it to serving bowl and enjoy.
20.  Serve hot or warm. Both tastes equally delicious.
21.  Healthy and delicious Kasi Halwa ready for festive celebs..:) 
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  1. Looks delicious..........

  2. Kasi halwa looks yummilicious. Loved the colour.

  3. Delicious halwa..I have tasted it in marriages, but never had it during Diwali! :)

  4. very festive and very delicious!!!

  5. Delicious and colorful looking halwa. Love to prepare it soon.

  6. How beautiful it looks! Super-refreshing color n texture... Must be delicious too :) Great for this festive season!!!

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  7. have tasted only in wedding ceremony....never tried at any time....thanks for the recipe Jey

  8. awesome lip smacking halwa with lovely clicks.

  9. I had this at a wedding once. So delicious. We don't have white pumpkin here, so what can I use as a substitute?

  10. Hy Shahada, khoya is the reduced dry milk which is prepared by boiling whole milk in an open skillet for long hours with continous stirring in low flame


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