Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to make Mambazha Pradhaman / Mango Payasam / Mango Kheer / Aam Ka Kheer / Onam Sadya Recipes:

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Mambazha Pradhaman:
Today, here I am with one of the delicious variety of payasam with a rich flavor of Mango..!!
Mambazha Pradhaman is a mouth watering delicacy served with the traditional Kerala Onam Sadhya feast. This popular Kheer is made with ripe mango pulp, coconut milk, flavored with cardamoms and also with added nuts. No doubt its an exotic treat for Mango lovers. 
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Check out this yummy Mango Payasam recipe in your home & enjoy ..!
·           Ripe Mango              - 1
·           Thick coconut milk    - 1 cup
·           Cardamom pwd         - ¼ tsp
·           Jaggery                    - ½ cup
·           Ghee                        - 2 tsp
·           Coconut bits             - 3 to 5 tsp
·           Cashew nuts             - 5
1.      Peel and chop the mangoes to small pieces.
2.      Blend it in a mixer to thick mango pulp.
3.      Keep it aside.
4.      Scrape the coconut and grind it with little water and take thick coconut milk.
5.      Keep the cardamom pwd ready.
6.      Break jaggery to small pieces and keep separately.
7.      Slice the coconut to small bits.
8.      Shallow fry in ghee until it turns crisp and light brown.
9.      Remove and reserve it in a plate.
10.    Now saute cashews to golden brown in the same pan and reserve.
11.    In a kadai / add the jaggery with little water and allow to boil with stirring.
12.    Remove the impurities.
13.    Now add the thick mango pulp, saffron strands and allow to cook for 5 mins.
14.    Keep stirring at frequent intervals.

15.    Turn off gas and add cardamom pwd and coconut milk.
16.    Stir in well.
17.    Add ghee roasted cashewnuts and coconut bits.
18.    That’s it …lipsmacking Mambazha Pradhaman is ready.
19.    Serve warm and enjoy .
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  1. I like your easy version of paysam. Normally pradhaman needs 3 different types of coconut milk.looks delicious.

  2. Looks so yummy... Nice one dear

  3. wow this sounds interesting and so yummy looking pradhanam :) tempting me dear !!

  4. Mango pudding looks delicious and yumm.

  5. yumm, thats one big bowl of delicious flavor

  6. droolworthy yummilicious and truly lip smacking mango pradhaman Jay. I am coming over to taste the payasam.


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