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How to make Badusha ? / Badusha Sweet Recipe / Easy Step-by-step Recipe:

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Hy Friends,
Today, I am coming with a special Sweet Badhusha. This is my daughter  Aish’s  favorite sweet. We prepared this sweet as a part of the menu for my daughter’s Birthday last week.
My Mil is excellent in preparing this delicacy and this time I Iearned the recipe from her. It is pretty easy to make. It tasted so delicious and had just the right amount of sweetness with lovely layers inside. 
Here is the recipe for the deliciously flaky and layered Indian sweet Badusha…enjoy..:)
·           All purpose flour / Maida flour - 1 cup
·           Baking pwd                          - ½ tsp
·           Cooking soda                       - ¼ tsp
·           Butter                                  - 1 tbsp
·           Milk                                     - ¾ cup
·           Sugar                                   - ¾ cup
·           Water                                  - ¼ cup
·           Cardamom  pwd                   - a pinch
·           Rose essence                      - few drops
·           Lemon juice                          - ½ tsp
·           Oil to fry
1.      In  a mixing bowl,  add all purpose flour.
2.      Add baking pwd and cooking soda.
3.      Mix well.
4.      Add butter and combine.
5.      Add milk and knead it to fine, fluffy and soft dough.
6.      Keep it covered with a damp cloth for 30 mins.
7.      Meanwhile,  lets prepare sugar syrup.
8.      Take sugar in a bowl.
9.      Keep ½ tsp of fresh lemon juice ready.
10.    Add water, cardamom pwd, rose essence and allow to heat.
11.    Continue stirring in low flame for 2 to 3 mins.
12.    You can see it comes to one string consistency.
13.    Now turn off the flame and add ½ tsp of lemon juice.  ( this helps to avoid crystallization of sugar syrup )
14.    Keep the sugar syrup aside.
15.    Divide the dough to small lemon sized balls.
16.    Pat it flat, gently with the finger and make small dent at the centre and set aside.
17.    Heat oil in a frypan / kadai.
18.    Once the oil is hot, keep the flame in simmer.
19.    Add the badushas to the hot oil.
20.    Fry in low flame ( its very important, the flame should be in simmer only, else the outer layer will turn brown with inner dough remaining uncooked )
21.    Once it is completely cooked and turns crispy, drain from oil.
22.    Soak them in the sugar syrup.
23.    Allow them to  get soaked for 10 mins.
24.    Now remove it from the sugar syrup and arrange in a plate.
25.    Wait till the shiny texture of sugary coat dries up.
26.    Soft and flaky layered homemade Badushas ready.
27.    Garnish with chopped nuts and saffron strands ( optional )
28.    Enjoy..:)
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Have a nice day...!!!


  1. amazing sweet, looking so soft and moist , drooling over here.....

  2. this is personally my fave sweet... i always tell my aunt to being badusha from ananad bhavan in blore whenever they come down to cochin... bookmarking this recipe to try later..:)
    ur badushas are looking delicious..:)

  3. this is one my favorite ! though mine is not a sweet teeth ! i love taking badhusha and jangri !

  4. Belated B'day wishes to your daughter! Badhusha looks delicious and yummy!

  5. They remind me of dougnuts :-)) Must be very delicious.

  6. yummy and delicious...I can finish the whole plate..

  7. Like the simplicity and sweetness of this. Good sharing.

  8. One of my favs.. Looks so tempting & u have made it seem so easy to make at home :)

  9. Belated birthday wishes to your daughter.. It is my favorite dessert too.. Looks delicious and perfectly made..

  10. bful prep.. my most fav sweet

  11. yummy and tasty sweet...well explained

  12. This badusha sweets are good for how many days???? Plz reply

  13. thnx friends for sweet n lovely comments..:)
    Jaanu: Badusha stays fresh for 2 to 3 days at room temperature and for more than a week if refrigerated.

  14. They look absolutely yummy!!

  15. looks so tempting n perfect.lovely clicks

  16. They are so perfect looking Badusha..

  17. Excellent badusha, it is much more better than store bought.

  18. Hi Jay,Planning to do badhusha tis diwali.a cup of maida yeilds how many bhadhusha?i need to make nearly 40 pieces...pls help me with the measure :)

  19. Hy geethu, 1 cup yielded approx 10 badushas. So you can take 4 cups of maida for 40 pieces. Advance wishes.:)


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