Monday, September 09, 2013

Ellu Urundai – Sesame Ladoos / Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes / Easy step-by-step Recipe:

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 Sesame Ladoos:

Today’s  special sweet recipe is  Ellu  Urundai. This is a mandatory special sweet, my MIL prepares for  Ganesh Chaturthi. This tastes sooper addictive with nutty flavor. Also it is very healthy as whole sesame seeds are rich in iron, calcium, manganese, zinc, vit E and fiber content. 

This tasty ladoos can be prepared both with white or black sesame seeds. Now tingle your tastebuds with this traditional and mouthwatering Ellu Urundai recipe.

Here we go to the recipe..:)


·         Black or white Sesame seeds / Ellu  - 1 ½  cup
·         Jaggery                                           - 1 cup
·         Cardamom pwd                                - a generous pinch


1.     Dry roast the sesame seeds in a fry pan.

2.     Stir continuously in low flame until you hear popping sound and smell nice aroma.
3.     Remove from flame.

4.     Allow to cool completely.
5.     Meanwhile break jaggery to small pieces.

6.     Transfer the black sesame seeds to mixer.

7.     Grind it to coarse powder.
8.     Now add jaggery and grind further till it combines well.

9.     Transfer the mixture to a wide bowl.

10.  Add elaichi / cardamom pwd.
11.  Grease your hands with oil and knead the mixture to dough.

12.  Press it tight to small balls / urundai out of the dough.

13.  Delicious and healthy Ellu Urundai / Sesame Ladoos are ready.

14.  Store it in airtight container and enjoy..:)

Wish you all a blessed Ganesh Chaturthi..:)




  1. Black sesame seeds ladoo looks delicious. Perfect festive recipe.

  2. Absolutely mouthwatering black sesame seeds ladoo. Super easy and looks fabulous.

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  3. Mouthwaterimg laddoo. Perfect for this fest.

  4. easy and tasty black ellu urundai...

  5. delicious sweet ... Happy Ganesha Chaturthi ...

  6. My mum made this during festive season or specially in winter!!! Lovely one...

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  7. Hi, how long can we keep this laddu in room temperature? Please let me know. Thank you

  8. looks awesome n healthy....

  9. Healthy and delicious dessert.. I made ellu urundai for this vinayagar chaturthi..

  10. very very delicious and yummy looking ladoos dear :) lovely clicks !!

  11. TQ friends for your sweet notes..:)
    Chitty Boy and Me : This ladoos remain fresh for 2 to 3 days in room temperature and remains good even for a month if refrigerated.
    Happy cooking..:)

  12. Perfectly made.. Looks tempting :)


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