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How to make Sweet Potato Masala ? / Sweet Potato Masala Fry:

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Sweet  Potato  Masala  is a wonderful and easy recipe that anyone will fall for it.  A simple creative mix of the sweet and spice in this dish makes it amazingly good. It is best served with rice or roti, phulka or chapathi. 
We know, sweet potatoes are more nutritious and rich in beta carotene, vitamin c and vitamin B6. And they taste sweetish as the name sweet potato. You can spice them up as much as you want in this dish.
Now try this...get yourself delicious, healthy and hearty meal...:)
·           Sweet potatoes        - 2 or 3
·           Cumin seeds           - 1 ½  tsp
·           Garlic                     - 2 to 3 pods
·           Oil                          - 1 ½ tsp
·           Mustard                    - ¼ tsp
·           Red chilly                 - 1
·           Split urad dal            - 1 tsp
·           Hing                        - a pinch
·           Curry leaves             - 7 to 8
·           Onion                      - 1
·           Turmeric pwd           - a pinch
·           Green chilly              - 1
·           Red chilly pwd          - ½ tsp
·           Salt to taste
·           Fresh cilantro leaves
1.      Wash and peel the skin of sweet potato.
2.      Cube them and cook till tender. ( it shouldn’t be cooked mashy )

3.      Crush 1 tsp cumin seeds and garlic to coarse texture.
4.      Heat oil in a kadai.
5.      Add mustard, red chilly, split urad dal, cumin, hing and curry leaves.
6.      Add finely sliced onions.
7.      Saute till transculent.
8.      Add turmeric pwd, green chilly and toss for a minute.
9.      Add crushed garlic and cumin.
10.    Mix well.
11.    Add red chilly pwd and salt.
12.    Now add the cooked sweet potatoes.
13.    Saute well and simmer for 3 to 4 mins.
14.    Garnish with fresh cilantro leaves.
15.    Spicy and yummy Sweet Potato Masala fry is ready.
16.    It tastes awesome with rice or with chapatti, pulka, roti and naan too..:)
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  12. Wow! These looks nice and easy to make. Is there any substitute for hing or can it be ommitted?

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  15. The Black Jubah : Thanx for stopping by.
    Hing/ asafetida enhances flavor and taste of the dish. If you don't get it, you can omit it.


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