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How to make Strawberry Milkshake? / Strawberry Recipes / Easy Milkshake Recipes

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How to make Strawberry Milkshake?  For more Video recipes Subscribe here
Thick & creamy Strawberry Milkshake is indeed one of the yummiest drink to have on a hot summer day. This refreshing beverage is made using milk and fresh strawberries. 
This can be served as a satisfying light snack or nutritious beverage.
Here is how to make this delicious milkshake…!
·           Fresh Strawberry                   - 10 to 12
·           Chilled whole milk                 - 2 cups
·           Sugar                                   - 1 to 2 tbsp
·           Vanilla extract                       - 1 tsp
·           Icecubes small                      - 2 to 3
·           Strawberry ice cream             - 1 scoop ( optional )
1.      Hull the strawberries and slice them.
2.      Put them in the blender with milk, sugar and icecubes and blend until the strawberries are pulverized.
3.      There should be no big chunks left at all.
4.      Check and adjust sugar as per your choice of taste.
5.      Its optional in this stage, you can add scoop of ice cream and stir it into the milkshake. This will add a bit of richness and creaminess.
6.      Put the jar back on the motor and blend thoroughly.
7.      Pour the milkshake out into the chilled glass.
8.      Garnish with strawberries.
9.      Enjoy the slurpppy summer milkshake.
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