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How to make Coconut Milk Murukku / Thengai Paal Murukku / Easy Murukku Recipes:

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In top of savory list,  Murukku / Chakkali  holds a prime place in every South Indian home..!!
It is made in different varieties with awesome flavor.  Coconut  Milk  Murukku  is a traditional snack which my Mil often prepares as a  treat for festivals like  Diwali Krishna Janmashtami. 
This is very easy & quick to prepare. My Mil makes the dough with freshly extracted coconut milk that results in a fragrant Murukku. My kids love this delicious Murukku, especially for its slight sweet taste.
Try this easy & quick to prepare  Coconut  Milk  Murukku  recipe and share your thoughts..;)
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·         Gram flour        - 1 ½  cup
·         Rice flour          - 1 ½ cup
·         Cumin / jeera    - 2 tbsp
·         Butter              - ¼ cup
·         Coconut mil      - 1 cup ( 250 ml )
·         Oil for deep frying
·         Salt as per taste
1.     In a mixing bowl, take gram flour/ ( beasan flour / kadalai maavu), rice flour and salt.
2.     Add jeera and butter to it.
3.     Now add coconut milk little by little and make a pliable soft dough. ( like chapathi dough)

4.     Heat oil in a kadai / fry pan.
5.     Once its really hot, take one tbsp of that oil and add it to the dough.
6.     knead well to smooth dough.
7.     Grease murukku mould with cooking oil and insert the desired mould into it.
8.     Add a handful of dough into the mould and press it into spiral in a oil greased ladle or sheet.
9.     Deep fry till crisp and golden on medium flame.

10.  Once done, remove and place it over paper napkin to absorb excess oil.
11.  Cool it completely & store it in air-tight container.
12.  The  murukkus  were sooper crispy & were gone in a couple of days..:)

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  1. Murukku looks super yummy! Never heard of adding gram flour in coconut milk murukku!

  2. Look very crisp n yummy u r ne star:)

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  4. Always has delicious recipes here.

  5. I love coconut and this is a very unique recipe. Thank you for the information as I would love to try it one day.

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  9. Sis, can you be my neighbour? There are few other bloggers like Priya Suresh and you, whom I loved to be neighbours with ;)

    Your murukku...I just felt like Diwali is here!!! My fav snack of all ;)

  10. thanks for your precious time n valuable feedback friends..:)
    have a great day..!

  11. I make them and I know that they're yummy!

  12. Very interesting ingredient in the murukku, never even thought of it. thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe, would try soon.

  13. Nice looks yumm...Send me some..

  14. looks super delicious... i love the addition of coconut milk..
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  15. Love this murukku.. Looks so crispy, crunchy and wonderful

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  19. Super crunchy flavourful muruku.

  20. awesome and drooling recipe

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  21. Jay, I love murukku! It's so crunchy and full of yummy spicy flavours. I must try and make my own. It would be fun!

  22. Looks delicious! I wish I have few of them :)

  23. awesome and drooling recipe

  24. always learn new things from you...How I wish I had you as a neighbor...

  25. Crispy yummy snack,love it

  26. Omg, who will say no to these crispies, stunning and super addictive beauties.

  27. all time fav snack..ur perfect in making these types snack jay...pass me sum plzz.


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