Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to make Cashew Pakoda / Pakora ? / Crispy Cashew Pakoda / Easy Snack Recipes

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Today am sharing one of the quick, rich and easy evening snack,  Cashew  Pakoda  ie. Mundhiri  Paruppu Pakoda.
This mouth-watering Indian snack, serves an an excellent starter in most Indian parties & get-togethers.   
The secret to get delicious, crispy pakodas lies in the mixing of the dough to stiff consistency. It tastes yumm with crisp outside and crunchy inside. 
Adding finely chopped mint leaves to the dough, gives a unique tempting flavor to this fritters.  
It makes a perfect evening snack dish with a cup of hot coffee or tea..!
·      Cashew nuts                - 1 cup
·      Besan flour / kadalai maavu  - 1 cup
·      Rice flour                    - ½ cup
·      Red chilly pwd             - 1 ½ tsp
·      Ginger garlic paste       - ½ tbsp
·      Chopped mint leaves   - ½ cup
·      Finely chopped Onion  - ½ cup             -
·      Oil to deep fry
·      Salt to taste
1.   In a mixing bowl, add besan flour, rice flour, red chilly pwd, salt and ginger garlic paste.
2.   Mix well.
3.   Add finely chopped mint leaves & onion.
4.   Add cashew nuts and combine.
5.   Add 2 tbsp of hot oil and add to the mix.
6.   Sprinkle very little water and make it to soft dough. ( knead the dough gently )
7.   Heat kadai with enough oil to fry.
8.   Take some dough in your hands, slowly drop the dough in small batches.(  Do not press the dough while dropping )
9.   Deep fry these pakodas over the medium hot oil.
10.When bubbles subside in the hot oil and pakodas turn crisp & golden,  drain it from the oil.
11.Keep aside in kitchen / paper towel.
12.Rich & tasty  Cashew  Pakodas  are ready.
13.Hot coffee and crunchy yummy  Cashew  Pakoda  combo tastes heavenly...:)
14.You can store this pakoras for 3 to 4 days in air tight container.
Have a great day..!!
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  1. wow i never had cashew pakodas

    these look so so yummy

    1. Available in Adayar Anandhabhavan. Tastes good. I will try to make some myself... thanks for recipe.

  2. Jay, I know I will love these! They sound and look very yummy. Bookmarked to try!

  3. yummy pakoras wud like to munch on few right now

  4. love pakoras!!! nothing to beat it for evening snack.. one of the best ones to munch on!!! and your pictures are sooooo beautiful!!
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  5. Yummy pakodas , look very interesting....

  6. Wow.. I love this one.. Actually it's a family favorite.. Glad to be ur new follower..

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  8. So crispy and delicious, the clicks are simply too tempting..

  9. as such i am a die hard fan of pakodas.and with cashewnutss!!!! ummmm....too gud...

  10. Oh they look fantastic!

  11. Cashew pakoada looks delicious.

  12. Its a super delicious, rich and crispy pakoda... Love to have it with a cup of tea...

  13. Crispy and highly irresistible pakodas,love to munch it anytime.

  14. I do make mint pakodas, never thought of putting Cashew nuts in it ! will surely try it.
    Thanks for sharing :)

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  16. Makes me drool..tempting

  17. Very tempting snack,yum...


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