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Recipe Index : Healthy Breakfast  Recipes:
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Looking for healthy & tasty breakfast and brunch recipes ? 
Here, we bring you a yummy collection of Simple Indian breakfast and dinner ideas to add variety to your everyday meals or lunch boxes.
We know, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day  -  So let’s make sure we make it special !
Browse our hearty & delicious Breakfast Recipes with step by step instructions below..!
Happy  Cooking..:)
Bread Recipes:
·        Cheese Chilly Toast
·        Masala Omelette
·        French Toast
·        Bread Omelette
·        Bread Upma
·        Bread Sandwich Toast
·        Mixed veg Sandwich
Dosa Recipes:   You can view the collection of  CHUTNEY recipes here...!
·        Instant Ragi Dosa
·        Adai Dosa
·        Rava Dosa
·        How to make Crispy Dosa
·        Tomato / Thakkali Dosa
·        Mudakathan Keerai Dosai
·        Crispy Onion Uttapam
·        Masala Dosa
·        Egg Dosa / Muttai Dosa
·        Stuffed Rolling Dosa
·        Cucumber Dosa
·        Spring Onion Uttapam
Idly Recipes:
·        Idiyappam
·        Chilly Idly
·        Masala Idly
·        Kanchipuram Idly
·        Poori Masala
·        Appam Recipe
·        Ven Pongal
·        Ragi Koozh
·        Ragi Puttu
·        Rava Kichadi
.    Poha / Aval Upma
.    Wheat Rava Upma
Paratha Recipes:
·        Spicy Egg Paratha
·        Kothu Parotta
·        Paneer Paratha
·        Aloo Paratha
·        Moongdal Paratha
·        Mooli Paratha
·        Carrot Paratha
·        Spicy Peas Paratha
Indian Flat Bread Recipes:
·        Homemade Butter Naan
·        Chole Bhature
·        Poori Recipe
·        Garlic Naan
·        Homemade Tortillas
·        Tandoori Roti
·        Homemade Kulchas
·        Roomali Roti
·        Missi Roti
·        Methi Roti


  1. this is very useful.. here I can all the breakfast recipes all togather

  2. Hi Jay, thanks for sharing the whole lot of wonderful breakfast ideas. My top favorite is the string hopper aka idiyappam. Second on my list is dosa. YUMMY!

  3. such a delicious breakfast / tiffin item!!! picture perfect!!!
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  4. Nice and yummy collection Jay.

  5. Wonderful collections...

  6. Seems like some really good and tempting recipes. You can also refer the Prestige SmartChef website for more South Indian Recipes.

  7. It’s amazing to have your blog! I really loved it. As I love Cooking, would love to see more receipes. Even I sharing a Link ofIndia food network cooking channel do check.

  8. This type of food are simple ready to eat.

  9. mmm love Indian food <3

  10. This makes a great breakfast for kids. I usually replace it with nutella as my kids don't prefer peanut butter.

    healthy breakfast ideas


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