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How to make Yam Fry / Senai Kizhangu Roast / Elephant Yam Fry / step by step recipe:

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Senai Kizhangu Roast

Elephant  Yam  Fry  or  Senai  Kizhangu  Varuval  is one of my absolute favorite dish. My mom makes this Yam fry quite regularly with a combo of hot onion  sambar  rice.  It tastes so divine and irresistible..;)

Check out this easy to prepare and tasty vegetable fry recipe..:)


·      Eleplant Yam / Senai Kizhangu             - ½
·      Turmeric pwd                                       - ¼ tsp
·      Red chilly pwd                                     - 1 tsp
·      Pepper pwd                                         - ¼ tsp
·      Tamarind                                             - 1 ½ tbsp thick extract
·      Saunf pwd                                           - ¼ tsp
·      Sambar pwd                                        - ½ tsp
·      Salt to taste
·      Oil to fry


1.   Peel off the skin of the yam and wash thoroughly.
2.   Slice it into thick pieces of desired shape.

3.   Cook till it is three-fourth done.

4.   Drain the water.
5.   Spread the boiled yam in a plate and let it rest for some 10 minutes.
6.   Make a paste of turmeric pwd, red chilly pwd, perpper pwd, tamarind thick extract, saunf pwd, sambar pwd and salt.
7.   Dip the yam pieces in the spice paste and coat it well.

8.   Heat a non-stick pan, drizzle over some oil.

9.   Place the yam and cook in medium flame until golden brown spots appear.

10.Flip  and cook similarly.

11.Delicious Yam Fry ready.
12.It makes an irresistible combo with  sambar, rasamcurd  rice  or  with  any  variety rice.

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  1. crispy and yummy roast:)

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  7. Jay I am drooling looking at the crispy yam fry.Please courier me some.

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    Recetas de una gatita enamorada

  11. Really a yummy yum... Jay.

  12. vat a coincidence.. i made it today.. but i prefer cooking it on a low flame for a longer time.. like ur version too.. will try it sometime.. :)

  13. Perfect with rasam,healthy

  14. Wonderful stepwise snaps...

    Looks very tempting and thanks for sharing...

  15. Drooling over your's one of my fav veggies and amazed with the way you have come this time...Real yum!

  16. Wow I luv this fry. But we just dont add sambar powder and make it just like a fish fry. Luv your vairation.

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  21. i terribly miss this vegetable. love the fry, thats the we make it at home

  22. really yam fry... the only thing i hate about this vegetable is that it causes itching for me... even gloves dun help! :(

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  25. Toooo....yummmmm!!!!!!!!! They are perfectly roasted too!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats corner

  26. Long time no see but your recipes look as tasty and delicious as ever :)



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