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How to make Adai / Adai Dosa / Easy Breakfast Recipes:

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Adai  Dosa  is a filling, healthy and tasty Indian breakfast menu. It also makes for a nice evening tiffin that goes well with any chutney. 
In this recipe, I have added a handful of drumstick leaves to the lentil-rice batter,  to boost  the already nutritious version of Adai. This dosa can be prepared both thick or thin and my kids relished the crisp lentil dosa with coconut chutney & jaggery.
Check out this easy recipe to prepare hot & spicy Adai and enjoy..:)
·      Raw rice         - 1 cup
·      Par -boiled rice    - 1 cup
·      Channa dal ( Bengal Gram / Kadalai paruppu )  - 1 cup
·      Urad dal         - 2 tbsp
·      Red chilly       - 6 to 7
·      Cumin seeds  - 1 tsp
·      Garlic             - 4 to 5
·      Onion             - 1
·      Asafetida       - a pinch
·      Curry leaves   - a few
·      Drumstick leaves - handful (optional)
·      Grated coconut   - ¼ cup
·      Oil                  - 2 to 3 tbsp
·      Salt to taste
1.   Wash and soak raw rice, par boiled rice and dals together for 5 to 6 hrs.
2.   Grind it coarsely along with red chillies, cumin seeds, garlic and salt.
3.   The batter should be in thick consistency.
4.   Keep the batter aside for ½ an hour.
5.   Add finely chopped onion and asafetida.
6.   Add curry leaves and drumstick leaves to the batter.
7.   Then add grated coonut.
 Mix the batter well.
8.   Heat a girdle or a non-stick tawa and pour 1 to 2 tsp of oil.
9.   Spread one ladle full of batter to a thick circular shape.
10.Drizzle oil to the sides.
11.Let it get cooked over low medium heat.
12.Flip it over to the other side and let it cook till it is crisp and golden brown in color all around.
13.Spicy Adai  Dosa  ready..!
14.Serve hot with coconut chutney or jaggery or butter or idly milagai podi..:)
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