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Sprouted Kala Chana Masala / Chana Palak Curry / How to make Sprouts at home ?

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Chana  Palak  Curry  is a filling & healthy Indian recipe.  The unusual combination of Chana and Palak makes this dish exotic. 
This flavorful curry made from sprouted black chickpeas, will tickle your taste buds as well as keep your blood sugar levels under control. 
Try this easy to follow healthy Chana  Palak  Curry recipe today..:)
·         Chickpeas / Chana       - 2 cups
·         Spinach / Palak chopped  - 1 ½  cup
·         Oil                                  - 1 to 2 tbsp
·         Cumin seeds               - ½ tsp
·         Onion                          - 2
·         Green chilly                 - 1
·         Ginger garlic paste       - 1 tbsp
·         Tomato                        - 2
·         Red chilly pwd             - 1 tsp
·         Turmeric pwd               - ¼ tsp
·         Garam masala pwd      - ½ tsp
·         Cumin pwd                  - ¼ tsp
·         Coriander pwd             - ½ tsp
·         Yoghurt                       - ¼ cup
·         Lemon juice                 - few drops
·         Salt to taste
We know  Sprouts  are very rich in vitamins, proteins, amino acids, digestible energy and phytochemicals. Lets see how to make sprouts easily.
To make Sprouts:
1.   Wash and soak chana overnight or atleast 8 to 12 hrs.
2.   Drain water completely.
3.   Allow to dry in air to avoid getting moisture
4.   Take a clean washed light cloth and wet it.
5.   Keep all the chana in the cloth and wrap it loose.
6.   Place them in a low light and at room temperature. ( you can just place it , where there is no direct sunlight )
7.   Keep wrapped till next day morning, you can see fresh little sprouts readily appearing on the chana.
8.   If you want to get bigger & thicker sprouts, rinse and drain for every 8 to 12 hrs for 3 to 4 days.
9.   Take care not to disturb the sprouts while rinsing. They should stay firm inside the cloth.
To Prepare Sprouted Chana Palak Curry:
1.   Heat oil in a pressure cooker or pan.
2.   Add cumin seeds and wait to splutter.
3.   Add finely chopped onion and cook for few minutes on medium heat stirring occasionally , until onions are transculent.
4.   Add sliced green chilly, ginger garlic paste and saut√© for a minute.
5.   Add the mashed tomatoes and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes until oil separates.
6.   Now add chopped spinach / palak and mix well.

7.   Add red chilly pwd, salt, turmeric pwd, garam masala pwd, cumin pwd and coriander pwd.
8.   Mix for a few seconds.
9.   Add sprouted chana and combine.

10.Now add yoghurt and mix.
11.Add 3 cups of water.
12.Taste & adjust salt and seasonings.
13.Pressure cook on medium flame for 2 whistles and then on low-medium heat for 2 to 3 whisltes.
14.Mix well and add few drops of lemon juice.
15.Healthy & nutritious Sprouted Chana Palak curry is ready.
16.Serve hot garnished with cilantro with roti, chapatti or rice.
·      The same curry can be prepared with the kala chana soaked overnight as well.
·      Sprouted chana are softer and already more edible,  so they can take less cooking time.
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