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How to make Chakli / Spicy Murukku / Easy step-by-step Recipe:

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How to make Chakli :  For more Video recipes Subscribe here
Chakli  is a crispy and delicious snack which we can finish off in no time.  This traditional popular snack is usually prepared during festive season in every house. 
 There are many variations in preparing this yummy snack.  Today, I am glad to share with you an easy recipe of Chakli, which turns out very crispy and never be a flop at any time !  
Lets go to the recipe..:)
·         Rice flour                   - 1 cup
·         Urad dal flour             - ¼ cup
·         Split chick peas flour  - 2 tbsp
·         Butter                        - 2 tbsp
·         Asafetida                   - a generous pinch
·         Sesame seeds           - 1 tbsp
·         Cumin                        - 1 tbsp
·         Red chilly pwd            - 1 ½ tsp ( optional )
·         Oil to fry
·         Salt to taste
1.     In a mixing bowl, add rice flour, urad dal flour, split chick peas flour, salt, butter, cumin and asafetida.
2.     Dry roast the sesame ( til ) seeds in low flame for a minute and remove from flame.
3.     Add them to the flour mixture prepared above.
4.     Sprinkle water little at a time and knead to smooth & soft dough. ( but the dough shouldn’t be sticky )

5.     Clean the Murukku mould and grease it with oil. 
(this mould you can buy it in any Indian stores ) 
6.     Place bits of dough in the Murukku mould. 
7.     Press the mould on the damp cotton cloth or plastic sheet.
8.     You will find the dough coming out shaped.  
Place any small bottle lid at the centre ( as shown in the below pic ) and slightly rotate the maker round and round in concentric circle, until you make spirals. 
( don’t worry, if you don’t get perfect spirals to form a circle, just you spread it wide on the plastic sheet and drop it in the oil, still it tastes equally yummy …! )
9.     Now heat oil in a wok.
10.  When the oil is hot enough, turn the flame to medium and remove the discs carefully from the damp cloth or plastic sheet  to your hands and then drop it into the hot oil.
11.  Fry in low medium flame, to make sure the Chaklis get cooked evenly to crisp and brown.
12.  Drain with a perforated ladle and remove from heat.
13.  Put it on a tissue paper, for oil to be sucked from the Chakli.
Crispy & Crunchy Chakli is ready..!
14.  Use all the dough like this.
15.  Serve after the Chakli / Murukku cools down a bit.
16.  Store it in an air-tight container and Enjoy this crunchy snack in the evenings with tea or coffee..!
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  1. This is one of my husbands favourite snacks but never tried doing it myself coz mom does it for him. But now that we have moved I sure am inspired to do so. Great blog here. Shella.

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  6. hi jay, i always love muruku- buy from the indian shop here..never tried making- to shape it is not so easy i think.. i can smell the exotic cumin- i still bookmarked with thanks- who knows :) i might try

  7. Hi,
    my hubby loves all type of marukus.. normally, we will just buy from our favourite Indian stall who sells different types of marukus & nuts.. it is a MUST, without miss every weekend.

    I do not have the maruku's moulds/tools.. sobsobsob.. should buy 1 set, I guess.. yours looked so crispy.. LOL

  8. Awesome dear! Feels like Diwali is here...yumm yumm!!!

    Pass me a jar of murukku please!!!

  9. Wow...I feel like its Diwali this signature dish...

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    btw i love tht murukku maker
    feel like buying that one now

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  22. Thanks for your precious time..
    your comments are my inspiration..:)
    happy cooking..!

  23. Yummy murukkus, neat steps..

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  34. Plz gv me some suggestion to remove oily smell frm smell this after storing it for 10 days

    1. Chakli has a shelf life for 2 weeks. Better it can be prepared fresh after some 2 weeks. By storing in airtight glass jar or tupperware box, the oily smell can be prevented.


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