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How to make Aviyal /South Indian Avial Recipe / Step-by-Step:

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How to make Aviyal / Avial Recipe:   Like us on Youtube for more Video Recipes
Aviyal  is a classic Kerala recipe. It is a delightful mix of all kinds of vegetables in yoghurt & grated coconut and is seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. 
Its really a personal choice to use veggies like carrot, elephant yam, drumstick, snake gourd, potato, beans, cucumber, plantain etc. 
It goes perfect with hot steamed rice. Also it tastes best with Adai. 
Some prefer to make Aviyal dry, but we prefer to make it a little gravy. 
Try this signature dish of  South  Indian –  Aviyal  recipe  &  enjoy..!
·         Thick yoghurt             - ¼ to ½ cup
·         Carrot                        - 2
·         Potato                       - 1
·         Beans                        - a few
·         Plantain                     - 1
·         Drumstick                  - 1
·         Turmeric pwd             - ¼ tsp
·         Coconut oil                - 1 tbsp
·         Curry leaves               - a few
·         Salt to taste
For Grinding:
·         Cumin seeds              - ½ tsp
·         Grated coconut          - ½ cup
·         Green chillies             - 1 or 2
1.     Chop all the vegetables to fine pieces.
2.     Heat coconut oil in a pressure cooker or thick bottom vessel.
3.     Add vegetables, turmeric water, little salt and mix well.
4.     Add ½ cup boiling water and cook it on a low flame until the veggies turn soft.
5.     Grind coconut with green chillies and cumin seeds into paste and keep it aside.

6.     Heat 1 tsp coconut oil in a fry pan.
7.     Add the cooked veggies and stir well.
8.     Add the coconut paste and combine.

9.     Remove from fire and allow to cool.
10.  Now add curd and mix gently.
11.  Garnish it with curry leaves
12.  Lipsmacking creamy Aviyal is ready.
13.  ( optional )  you can temper mustard, cumin seeds in coconut oil and add to the aviyal .
14.  Enjoy with hot rice or as a side dish with Adai..!
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  1. I love avials and was thinking of doing it today but i was short of ingredients, looks super inviting... i just need rice and i am game for this

  2. I love avials and was thinking of doing it today but i was short of ingredients, looks super inviting... i just need rice and i am game for this

  3. Though avial is not my favorite..after seeing your picture i thought of trying it once...keep rocking..

  4. Just drooling over the pics ...looks yum

  5. one of my friends' mom use to cook this very dish with awesome taste, who eventually a great cook. i never tried this dish, rather i didn't know how to cook.. now i think i can cook this dish.. thanks a lot for sharing..

  6. Perfectly done mom makes it the same way....

  7. It looks like a very delicious vegetable dish.

  8. Yummy. Any number of versions for this recipe is worth trying. Using coconut oil at different stages is new. I will try this. Lovely clicks. Thank you.

  9. I love this dish but have never tried it ..this time around I just might, looking at your picture..

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  15. Avial is my all time fav.But Jay,real kerala avial never goes for this much water.It's a half dry dish..

  16. I do it almost the same way as you do, even we too like it like a gravy, so we can have it with rice..

  17. Being from Kerala Avial is one of my all time favorites. On Avial days I always help myself to a Katori of Avial as soon as it is made. During lunch I have Avial as a side dish but have multiple helpings. Again if any Avial is left over I have another Katori in the evening. I simply love this dish.

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