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How to make Masala Omelette / Spicy Omelette ( Indian Style )

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Masala  Omelette is one of the quickest and tastiest recipe for breakfast with toasted bread slices.  It also makes an easy brunch, light lunch or dinner. 
It tastes awesome and satisfying with full of tempting flavors. This traditional Indian dish can be prepared with minimal ingredients. In this recipe, the eggs are whisked and mixed in the great Indian masala.
My kids like to eat masala omelette placed between two pieces of toasted bread & with some sauce. It also makes a filling breakfast dish when rolled it up inside a chapatti. 
Try this delicious  Desi  Style  Masala  Omelette  using this simple recipe and add your comments..:)
·      Eggs                                - 2
·      Onions chopped                - 2 tbsp
·      Tomatoes chopped             - 2 tbsp
·      Green onions chopped        - 2 tbsp
·      Capsicum chopped            - 2 tbsp
·      Coriander leaves                - 2 tbsp
·      Turmeric pwd                     - a pinch
·      Red chilly pwd                   - ½ tsp
·      Pepper pwd                       - ¼ tsp
·      Garam masala pwd             - ½ tsp
·      Oil                                    - 1 to 2 tsp
·      Salt to taste
1.   Wash and chop onion, tomato, green ( spring ) onion,  capsicum and coriander leaves to fine pieces.
2.   In a small bowl , add turmeric pwd, salt, red chilly pwd, pepper pwd and garam masala pwd.
3.   Add little water and mix well to spicy paste.
4.   Break the eggs directly into a bowl and beat them till frothy.
5.   Add the spice paste to beaten eggs and stir well.

6.   Add all the chopped vegetables one by one.
7.   Mix well.
8.   Heat oil in a wide pan.
9.   Pour the egg mixture to the pan.
10.Simmer the flame and leave to cook for 2 minutes.
11.Check from the downside of the omelette, whether is cooked and able to flip.
12.Now flip it over to other side.
13.Gently press it down with a ladle.
14.Once both the sides are cooked to golden, remove from heat.
15.Your healthy Masala  Omelette is ready..!
16.Serve hot with Indian roti, bread slice or as it is with any dip.
17.We enjoyed it with our toast and tomato ketchup, 
18.Also it makes a filling combo with a rice and curry..!
·      Always beat the eggs separately, before mixing it with the spicy ingredients.
·      You can sprinkle little bit of oil and run a spoon inside the omelette for cooking from inside as well.
·      You can also add chopped green chillies instead of red chilly pwd.
·      To make omelette more spicy and flavorful , you can add more freshly chopped coriander leaves and green chilly.
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