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Spicy Diamond Cuts:   Like us on Youtube for more Video Recipes
Spicy  Diamond  Cuts  or  Maida  biscuits  are best evening time snack for all age groups. It tastes crunchy and spicy with bursting flavors. 
It is very easy to prepare and we used to prepare whenever we crave for something to munch on.   It is made out of plain flour or maida flour and simple ingredients. 
We also make this recipe as a sweet flavor and it is called as "  Kala Kala ".  But the savory or spicy version is more favorite in our household than the sweet version.
Make crispy & spicy savory cuts using this simple recipe & enjoy..:)
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·Maida flour / All Purpose Flour   - 1 ½  cups
·Wheat Flour                              - ½ cup
·Hing                                         - a pinch
·Ajwain ( Omam )                       - 1 ½ tsp
·Red chilly pwd                          - 1 tsp
·Ginger garlic paste                   - 1 tbsp
·Salt to taste
·Oil for deep frying
1.       In a wide bowl, add the maida, wheat flour, ajwain, hing, red chilly pwd, salt and ginger garlic paste.
2.       Mix all the ingredients well.
3.       Knead the dough until its soft with little water and  2 tbsp of oil or ghee.
4.       Cover and let it rest for 30 mins.
5.       Divide the dough into large lemon size balls.
6.       Roll them into slightly thick chapathis.
7.       Make small stripes first, using knife or pizza cutter, in between the chapathi.
8.       And then cut diagonally to make diamond shapes as shown in the picture.
9.       You can take the diamond chips from the rolling board using a spatula and keep aside.
10.    Heat enough oil in a wide pan.
11.    Once the oil is super hot, drop the diamond chips gently.
12.    You can see the biscuits rise to the surface.
13.    Now slow down the flame and keep turning until it turns crisp & golden colour.
14.    Take out the biscuits using perforated laddle / jallikarandi.
15.    Keep it on the paper towel to remove excess oil.
16.    Cool biscuits completely to room temperature.
17.    Spicy  Diamond  Cuts  with irresistible aroma ready to munch.
18.    It makes an awesome combo with piping hot cup of chai or coffee.
19.    Store it in air tight container to preserve crispness for long time..!
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  2. Hi Jay, this snack look so tempting, very crispy. Yum yum!

    Have a nice week ahead.

  3. What a unique & yummy recipe, Jay :-)


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