Tuesday, November 06, 2012

How to make Thirattipal ( Milk Halwa ) at home ? / Diwali Sweets Recipes

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Milk  based  Sweets  are an integral part of Diwali Celebrations . Today I prepared  Thirattipal,  one of my favorites.
It is a very rich and delightful sweet made by South Indians for many auspicious occasions. The preparation is time consuming no-doubt, but the end result is absolutely awesome.
Traditionally, it is prepared by boiling milk in a wide pan on low heat for long time till it reduces to creamy halwa texture.   
Also this can be prepared in a jiffy, by microwaving the condensed milk in the oven for just 5 to 6 minutes.
Let us see how to prepare this..:)
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·         Whole Milk              - 1 ½ l
·         Sugar                     - 3 to 4 tbsp
·         Ghee                      - 2 tbsp
.    Saffron                   - few strands
·         Cardamom pwd       - a pinch
1.     Pour milk in a thick bottomed non-stick pan.
2.     Bring the milk to a boil in medium flame.
3.     Turn the flame to low and keep stirring very often.
4.     Take care the milk doesn’t stick to the bottom. 
Add few strands of saffron and keep on stirring.
Scrap the solids stuck on the sides of the pan, as the milk goes on reducing and changes to a shade of beige.

7.     Once the milk attains semi-solid texture, add cardamom pwd, sugar and ghee. 
8.     Stir well.
9.     The mixture becomes little watery, as the sugar dissolves.
10.  Heat it until it becomes thick halwa texture.
11.  Remove from flame.
12.  Transfer to serving bowl after it gets cool a bit.
Rich n Creamy homemade  Thirattipal  is ready...:)
13.  Serve it hot or cold n Enjoyy..!!
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  1. lovely post...will try for sure dis diwali...

  2. was looking for this one. nice.

  3. Wow... I like it very much...

  4. A milk 'pudding'. Yay, I have every ingredient needed, Jay, so I'm going to make this one! Lovely.

  5. I brought "Thirattippal" from Sri Krishna Sweets while returning back to US! My hubby loved it a lot.

    Thanks for the recipe..shall try it.

  6. simple and delicious recipe.


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