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Happy Karthigai Deepam / Karthigai Deepam Wishes:

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Hy Friends,
Wish you all very happy Karthigai Deepam  !!!!! 
Let this festival of deepam ( lights ) brings us brightened and enlightened life like the light of Lamps…
May our Lives Shine N Glow like the Deepam. 
It is a favorite festival of mine,  which is celebrated with sweets & lights. 
Karthigai  Deepam  is a very ancient festival of lights,  celebrated in every home & every Temple in Tamil Nadu on the full moon day of Karthikai month ( November / December ) .  
On this day, people wear their traditional dress and pray for their family’s welfare and safety by lightling earthen oil lamps and making tasty delicacies. 
Houses are cleaned on this day and rangoli or kolams are drawn outside the houses. 
Lamps are lit up in the evening and are decked in the pathway, staircases, compound walls and balcony. 
The burning lamp ( Agal Vilakku ) with the divine flame is considered an auspicious symbol and believed to fend off evil forces and escort ecstasy and prosperity. Thus the houses and streets are lit up with glowing Karthigai Deepams. 
This festival is also celebrated to commemorate the bonding between brothers & sisters. Sisters pray for the prosperity and success of their bothers and light lamps to mark the occasion.
Mythological Aspects:
Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, were arguing for years, who hold the supreme power. Lord Shiva appeared as an endless flame of light and said that the matter could be tested , if the two could search for Lord Shiva’s Head and Feet & who finds it first will be considered having the Supreme Power. 
Lord Vishnu took the form of a boar and delved deep into the earth, Lord Brahma that of a swan and flew towards the skies. After years of searching, both accepted that is impossible to find Shiva.  
Lord Shiva appeared as a flame, this day is called Maha Deepam. Vishnu and Brahma requested Shiva to stay on Earth to protect the devotees and appeared once in a year in form of Jyothi ( Agni / fire) for devotees.  The place Shiva transformed as Holy Hill is Thiruvannamalai and it is called “ Annamalai Hill “.
Celebrations at Thiruvannamalai
Karthigai Festival at Thiruvannamalai is very famous. Every year, on Karthigai day, a huge fire lamp is lit up on the Annamalai Hill around 6 pm. The fire dheepam is called Mahadeepam, and is visible for several kilometers around the hill. 
Once again, Happy Karthigai Deepam to you and your family..!!
Enjoy the pretty sight, with rows of lamps, fireworkers and lipsmacking festival special delicacies..:)
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  1. Lovely post...Happy Karthigai Deepam to u and ur family too...

  2. Happy Karthigai deepam to you and family.

  3. Happy Kartigai Deepam to you and family dear!!

  4. TQ Reshmi, Swathi, GK Arusuvai,
    enjoy your day..:)

  5. Happy Karthigai Deepam wishes Jay.

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  7. Hi Jay nice to know about festival.Great informative post dear.Happy Karthigai Deepam to you and your family.

  8. Really lovely post. Happy Karthigai Deepam to you. Thank you for sharing this info and story.

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  11. Happy Thiru Karthikai Deepam Nalvazhukkal


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