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Glossary of Fish Names / English to Tamil / Fish Names in Tamil

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Glossary of Fish Names :
Hy Friends, 
One  of  my  blog  readers  recently  wrote,  asking  me  about  the  glossary   of  commonly  used  fish  names .   I  have  taken  some  effort  and  somehow  managed  to  collect  the  information  about  the  list  of  fish  names  ( English  to  Tamil )  from  the  net  blogs. 
If  there  is  something,  you  wish  to  add  to  this  list,  or if  any mistake found,   feel  free  to  let  me  know.   Thank  you..:)
Shared  below  are  the  glossary  of  some  common  fishes,  which  we  see  in  the  market  &   use it  for  cooking. 

Glossary of Fish Names:
   English Names              Tamil Names
·     Seer Fish / King Fish          -  Vanchiram Meen
·     Shark Fish                             -  Sura Meen
·     Anchovy / White Bait         -  Nethili Meen
·     Prawn / Shrimp                   -  Iraal Meen
·     Pomfrat                                  -  Vavval Meen
·     Crab                                        -  Nandu
·     Red Snapper                         -  Sankara Meen
·     Grouper                                  -  Kalavai Meen
·     Barracuda                              -  Seela Meen
·     Saw / Gur / Flying fish       -  Kola Meen
·     Sardines                                -  Mathi Meen
·     Pony Fish / Silver Belly     -  Kaarai Podi
·     White Fish / False Trevally -  Sudhumbu Meen
·     Mullet (Red )                        -  Madavai
·     Cat fish                                   -  Keluru/Kelluthi
·     Ribbon Fish / Emperor      -  Vaalai Meen
·     Tilapia               -  Nei Meen / Jilapi / kari meen
·     Malabar Trevally / Jack Fish -  Paarai Meen
·     Sting Ray Fish                        -  Thirukkai Meen
·     Carp / Indian goat fish        -   Kendai
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·     Indian Mackerell                   -   Kanagnkelluthi
·     Butter Fish / Murrel             -   Viral Meen
·     Dolphin Fish / Mahi Mahi   -   Aiyilai Meen
·     Fin Bream Fish                        -   Navarai Meen
·     White Mullet           -   Paalai Meen/Paal Meen
·     Salmon / Thread Fin          -   Kaala/Thiravalai
·     Cod                                              -  Panna
·     Sea Bass                                      -  Koduvai
·     Halibut – Indian                      -  Potha
·     Lobster                                        -  Singi Raal

·     Grey Mullet                          -  Kayal
·     Eel / Conger Eel                  -  Vilongu Meen
·     Tuna Fish                             -  Soorai Meen
·     Sardine Fish                        -  Choodai Meen
·     Oyster / Clam                      -  Chippi
·     Yellow Tuna                         -   Kerai
·     Spade Fish                           -   Seepu Thiratai
·     Squid                                     -   Oosi Kanavai
·     Bombay Duck                      -   Vangaravasi
·     Catla ( Bengal Carp )          -   Kendai / Karavai

·     Convict Surgeon fish           -   Kozhi Meen
·     Indian Sailfish                      -   Mayil Meen
·     Saw Fish                                 -   Uluvai / Vela
·     Vela                                          -   Vela Meen
·     Lady Fish / Indian Whiting -  Kizhangan
·     Sea Bream                            -   Oora Meen
·     Snapper                                -   Kondal Meen
·     Sword Fish                           -   Thalapaththu
·     Herring                                 -   Koi
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  1. Thanks. This will go a long way to help me understand recipes.

  2. Interesting list .. hope I get one with English to Hindi or Marathi names :)

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  4. Hey Jay,

    That's a good one...:)Keep up the gr8 work...:)


  5. Thank u friends for your inspiring comments & valuable time..:)
    have a great weekend..!

  6. OMG!!! How many fish varieties... mm nice post...

  7. Thats a great compilation of fish names...

  8. very informative useful list

  9. Thanks for the post. i'm sure this is very helpful to every one who loves to eat fish but don't know the names:)

  10. hi Jay, thanks for sharing, love this and I learn something new.

    Have a nice weekend.

  11. HI Jay, this is a great post, I always needs those translations. Have a nice weekend.

  12. Very useful information....tq so much for sharing dear....

  13. hi jay, a very great and thoughtful idea from you to do this- very helpful for tamil speaking foodie bloggers.. always nice to know helpful bloggers and you are on eof them

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    Very useful post. Bookmarked

  15. Pretty Useful List!
    What Is The English Name For ''Paneer Kendai'' Fish?

  16. Hey jay,hearty thankz for d efforts made by u for Tamilians...Just 2day watched a fish program in channel,got interest I google it for more info
    Feel lucky to get into ur page,if possible post d PICTURES of corresponding fishes,tat may be more helpful

  17. Thank you friends for your precious time n valuable feedback.
    @ Dinesh Kumar: for Paneer Kendai - it is commonly referred as Velli Kendai or Bengal Carp fish.
    @ Rakesh Kannaa : Thanks for your wishes. Sure will try to update d pics of corresponding fishes soon.

    have a great time.

  18. Hi grt effort. Thank you
    kanankathan and AIYILAI are same.

    Vela meen also called carvai


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