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Almond Burfi / Badam Burfi / ( Badam Ki Fudge) / Diwali Sweets Recipes:

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Today, I would like to put up  Almond  Burfi,  an authentic Indian Sweet, ideal during celebrations.. ! 
This North-Indian dessert  is really easy to make. It does not require too many ingredients , but is rich in flavor & finger-licking good.
It can be served as dessert or snack. This classic sweet is a favorite of mine and one of the sweets I prepared for Diwali
Here’s how you make this easy-peasy sweet dish…Enjoyy!
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·         Whole Almonds                   - 300 g
·         Milk                                     - ½ l
·         Ghee                                  - 5 to 6 tbsp
·         Sugar                                 - 2 cups
·         Thick cream                        - 200 ml
·         Cardamom pwd                   - ¼ tsp
·         Saffron                               - few strands
1.   Soak almonds in warm water for 20 milns.
2.   Peel off the skin.
3.   Put the almonds into a blender, add milk and grind gently to make a smooth paste.

4.   Set up a deep non-stick pan on low medium heat.
5.   Add mik to it and bring it to boil.
6.   Allow it to boil in low flame, until it turns to almost half in quantity.
7.   Once, it is thickened, add the almond paste to it.
8.   Stir well and cook the paste for 3 to 4 mins.
9.   Now add ghee and stir to mix well.
10.Add sugar, thick cream, cardamom pwd and few strands of saffron.
11.Cook the mixture on low heat, stirring constantly to prevent sticking to the pan.
12. Add the remaining ghee and stir well.
13.Keep cooking the mixture until most of the moisture in it dries up.
14.It will start to thicken and becomes less pliable and starts leaving the sides of the pan now.
15.Also you can see small amount of ghee beginning to separate from it.
16.When there is no more sticking to the pan, you will know your  Badam  Barfi  is ready.
17.Grease a plate with little oil / ghee.
18.Spoon the almond mixture onto a flat plate to cool.
19.While the fudge / Burfi is still warm, cut it into square or diamond shapes.
20.Serve warm or at room temperature.
21.Yummy Badam Burfi ready to relish.
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  1. omg!!!!!!! droooooool!!!!! love love the pics!!

  2. omg!!absolutely delicious,love the step by step clicks..

  3. this looks great does it take a long time to thicken ?

  4. Very interesting, thank you for this delicious dessert!

  5. Thank you friends for your precious time n inspiring feedback..
    @ Rebacca : yes, it took approx 12 to 15 mins to thicken and get d final texture..
    have a great day..:)

  6. Hey ths s simply drooling here.....great job dear

  7. Bery nice recipes and nice pics. :)

  8. Love almond burfi.....looks awesome

  9. hi jay this is awesome
    i make it differently

    i dont soak badam and peel the skin
    its dry grind for me
    u can check it at my space in recipe index

    there r so many ways to make badam halwa and barfi isnt it

    bt i agree it has yummy taste

  10. perfect recipe to make this diwali..lovely presentation too!

  11. awesome Jay. . . . . Perfect for this diwali

  12. Rich and yummy burfi. Looks so mouthwatering

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  16. Barfi looks too yumm. Step by step pics make it look so easy. Happy Diwali!

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  18. very festive and you are making me drool!!!
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  19. These Burfis really are making me drool...Love it :) I was also planning to make some and I hardly got time :(

  20. Rich taste and soft burfis, I love these.

  21. They look so tasty! Will surely try out these almond barfis! Check out my website too-


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