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Muslim Biryani / How to make Muslim Biryani / Step by Step

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Chicken Biryani : ( Muslim’s Style )    Like us on Youtube for more Video Recipes
Biryani  is truly the most divine dish of all the non-veg recipes. Muslims are expert in making lipsmacking biryani. 
The Muslim Chicken Biryani tastes superb, fragrant, non-greasy yet  finger-licking good with delicious flavor.  If you are a Non Vegetarian,  you should have tasted this in any Muslim functions.
I never ever miss a chance to attend a Muslim wedding and enjoy this authentic taste..:)
I got this recipe last week, from one of my Muslim friend and I finally got my hands on the most flavorful Biryani..!
Check out  this easy recipe & enjoy the luxurious taste ..!
·Basmati Rice                 - 2 cups
·Chicken with bone          - ½ kg
·Ginger                          - small piece
·Garlic                            - 5
·Green chilly                   - 2
·Oil                                 - 2 tbsp
·Ghee                            - 2 tbsp
·Cloves                          - 3 to 4
·Cinnamon                     - 1 “ piece
·Bay leaf                        - 2
·Star anise                     - 1
·Cardamom                    - 2 to 3
·Onion                           - 2
·Coriander & Mint leaves -  finely chopped 1 cup
·Tomato                         - 2
·Yoghurt                        - ½ cup
·Turmeric pwd                - a pinch
·Salt to taste
To Marinate:
·         Lemon juice            - 1 tsp
·         Turmeric pwd          - a pinch
·         Red chilly pwd        - ½ tsp
·         Salt to taste
1.       Wash and soak Basmati rice in water for 5 mins, drain and set aside.
2.       Clean and wash the chicken pieces.
3.       Marinate with lemon juice, salt, turmeric pwd and red chilly pwd.
4.       Make a paste of ginger, garlic and green chilly.
5.       Take a deep bottomed pan, heat oil and ghee in it.
6.       When oil is hot, add cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf, star anise & cardamom.
7.       Wait till it splutters.
8.       Add finely chopped onions and fry until it turns golden brown.
9.       Now add the freshly ground paste ( step 4 ).
10.    Fry till the raw smell disappears.
11.    Add the chopped coriander and mint leaves.
12.    Mix well and sauté for a minute.
13.    Add chicken pieces and sauté until the chicken absorbs the masala.
14.    Now add the mashed tomatoes, curd,  turmeric pwd, salt and cook until oil separates out.
15.    Add 4 cups of water  and combine well.
16.    Check for salt and spicy seasonings
17.    Now add the basmati rice.
 Gently stir in the contents to combine well.
18.   Cover the pan with lid, reduce the flame to medium.
19.    Pressure cook for one whistle and simmer for 5 to 7 mins.
20.    Once the pressure goes off, fluff the rice gently.
21.    Garnish with fresh cilantro leaves.
22.    Enjoy the delicious & luxurious  Muslim’s  Chicken  Biryani  with onion raitha &  Chicken 65 ..!
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  1. Love this flavorful Biryani..
    Am drooling here..
    Divya's Culinary Journey

  2. Simple and looks delicious.

  3. Yum yum! I love biryani and this looks fabulous! Thanks Jay xxx

    1. I love biriyani too!..especially when I make 'em. Biriyani with a decent salad/chicken starters and few cups of matured wine by the moonlight would be an awesome date spot for me!!..

  4. Thank you Divya, Swasthi, Sona..:)

    1. I notice you write 'coriander' and 'cilantro' what is the difference?

  5. hi jay...bookmarked with thanks.
    looks very delicious. i can cook this for this Eid. have a nice day

  6. Hi Jay, your biryani look delicious, I don't mind having second helping. :)
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Have a nice weekend.

  7. Simply delicious and great picture of dish :)

  8. All those mouthwatering spices...

  9. Simple recipe and taste delicious. Yep, I tried your recipe for New Year 2013 and its simply awesome. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  10. Ez nagyon jó recept!!!!

  11. The Biryani looks yummy. will try it. Thks for the recipe.

  12. Hello... excellent.. I am experienced....

    thanks a lotttttttt

  13. i tried the recipe and it came out great.. thanks :)

  14. cooking the rice with the chicken itself brings in soo much flavor and in pressure cooker...well..its a magic meal, in a jiffy ! lovely biriyani, Jay !

  15. Completely agree with you, here in Malaysia, briyani comes in lots of style, me a Johorian have our own special briyani called Briyani Gam.....

  16. hI, I tried your recipe it was really good and tasty.
    thanx, for sharing such a nice and declicious biryani :)

  17. Hi, I tried this recepie, and it came out superb, my husband loved it so much.... Thanks a lot for the recepie...

  18. You have prepared it very nicely, though I've never cooked in pressure cooker...we make layered biryani!
    Pics are really appetizing!

  19. very excellent recepie..........soooo super

  20. its very beautiful dish i really impress.

  21. its very Delicious dish

  22. Today I prepared this. It turned out well

  23. Very very tasty biyrani. Came out really well. My family loved it.

  24. Can you tel me duration of marination

  25. I tried it when my momm was not there.. It was simply superb n I got compliments too..

  26. I tried preparing this today and it was a success :)..
    Thank you!!

  27. Very very superb Britain came out well.. thank you so much...


  28. Very very superb Britain came out well.. thank you so much...


  29. I tried this b iriyani... came out well... superb receipt.... thank u...

  30. What if I don't have a pressure cooker, Can I still make it??

  31. What if I don't have a pressure cooker, Can I still make it??

    1. yes,you can prepare it in a heavy bottomed pan too and cook it in low flame.

  32. Any one tried this recipe.?
    it's looks awesome..
    please share your experience,..

  33. It's a simple n easy procedure. I tried it n it turned out very well.
    It was full of flavour,yummyyummy.Now this recipe has become one of the favourite dish of my family.Thank u very much.

  34. It's a simple n easy procedure. I tried it n it turned out very well.
    It was full of flavour,yummyyummy.Now this recipe has become one of the favourite dish of my family.Thank u very much.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the recipe,Rupa. Keep trying the recipes.

  35. If you add some potato with the chicken marinate and combine with rice (add some more salt as potatoe absorbs salt well) it tastes so goood 👍😍

  36. I think perhaps you need to rename this to Biryani. JUST...Biryani. A lot of other people make this dish that are not muslims sooo...there you go.

    1. okey..but this recipe is for those who love the unique taste of muslim wedding style biryani.

  37. It needs a small change here, if u half cook the rice separate and mix it with masala and the chicken and let it steam cook slowly till it is completely cooked and don't cook the biryani in pressure cooker.if u cook it in copper vessels it is more tasty try once u will love it

    1. Thanks for the tips. Will let u know after trying next time.

  38. Itz my dada's signature... Soo experienced 👍
    I use to cook and keep rice separately adding bit of milk instead of water so that it tastes well softy lofty ☺️...
    Then ; mix potatoes,masalas,extra chillie powder,some fried onions,2 yoghurt/some curd for 1kg required beef**
    And marinate for about 15mntx or less no issues**
    Then ... Heat your pressure cooker ghee/butter oil let some dry babes turn golden brown 👈 Then, add the 👆 Marinated beef dish to it and little by little add cooked rice toper and toper of the curry which you have put in basement🤔👇👇

    Next;some food colourings some ghee or butter for melting and softness fo d rice with ,garnishing items like corianders and wageraaz😊

    Cook it for 45mnts if ts cow meat
    For 30mnt for goat meat
    And 15-20mnt for chicken
    For shrimps just 5 mints!!
    Final touch:- when you turn off it on time make the air move out
    Then...take a piece of burning charcoal put it in a dish or small vessel type and pour some ghee 👈 Place it in the middle of the biryani rice and close the pressure cooker lid tight***
    Let the smoke stay in sealed**

    Removing the lid while lunch time or any time in front of people of fam ir frnds or hubby or whomever!!
    Gosh.....!! 😍😍😍 the smell comes out << its a secret tric but just and essence of smell for our special Muslim Biryani**
    Guys maintaind secret let nly our website know it 😆
    Heheh😊 Hope it tastes good to u all...just shared my pa's signature☺️😍✊luv yuh pa (nizamdeen)(srilanka)(hatton-dunbar)

    1. Hy Samahir, Thanks for the authentic biryani recipe. Sounds great. Will try next time.

  39. Hey jayanthi ... Mmm yeah ... Its my pleasure 😊👍

  40. "MUSLIMS ARE MAESTRO IN BIRYANI" so i guess this name fits alot
    @JK 👈 Nyc name👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


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