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Uppu Seedai / Vella Seedai – Gokulashtami Special / Step by Step Recipe:

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Seedai - Gokulashtami Special :

Seedai  ( Crispy  Rice  Balls) in both sweet & salt version is a traditional recipe made especially for  Gokulashtami  festival...!

It is prepared with lentil and rice flour. The crispy outside and tasty crunchy inside makes it a delicious snack loved by everyone..!

Every year my MIL used to prepare both the versions during this festival.  Even though its time consuming, its worth all the effort..:) 

Today, we prepared this yummy snack for pooja and I am glad to share the awesome recipe with you all ..:)

Happy Festival..:)


·      Raw rice                            - 1 ½ cups
·      Urad dal                            - ½ cup
·      Coconut grated                  - 4 tbsp
·      Sesame seeds                  - 2 tbsp
·      Butter                               - 3 to 4 tbsp
·      Hing                                 - a pinch
·      Jaggery                             - ¾ cup
·      Elaichi pwd                        - ¼ tsp
·      Oil to fry
·      Salt as required


To prepare Rice Flour:

1.     Rinse raw rice and soak it in water for 1 hour.
2.     Drain the water completely and spead the raw rice in a cotton towel.
3.     Allow to dry completely.
4.     Grind the rice to fine pwd.
5.     Sieve it well to remove the lumps. ( the pwd should be very fine )
6.     In a dry pan, roast the rice flour in low medium flame ( this is to ensure that there is no moisture on the flour )

7.     Rice flour is ready to prepare seedais...!
 ( we  can  also  use  store-bought  rice  flour  and  urad  dal  flour ,  but be  sure  to  sieve  them twice  and dry  roast  in  pan )
To make Urad dal Flour:
1.     Heat a pan.
2.     Dry roast the urad dal in low flame, until it turns light golden color with nice tempting aroma.

3.     Turn off the flame.

4.     Allow to cool.
5.     Grind it to very fine smooth pwd.

6.     Sieve well.
7.     Urad dal floor ready to prepare both Seedais..!

To Prepare Uppu Seedai:

1.     Dry roast the grated coconut shreds for a minute in low flame to remove the moisture in it.

2.     Take it aside and allow to cool.
3.     Dry roast the sesame seeds till it slightly browned.
4.     Mix 1 cup rice flour and 2 tbsp urad dal flour in a bowl.
5.     Add the dry roasted coconut, sesame, salt, hing and mix well.
6.     Add butter and combine.

7.     Sprinkle little water and knead gently to smooth dough.
8.     Let the dough rest for 5 mins.
9.     Roll it to small balls. ( roll them lightly without applying pressure )
10.  Spread them in a cotton cloth and keep it aside for 30 mins ( this helps to remove the moisture content )
11.  Prick a single hole in each ball, with a toothpick, ( this tends to let the air trapped inside the ball to escape, while frying. So the disaster of bursting of the seedais can be avoided ) 
12.  Now heat oil in a thick bottomed wok.
13.  Add the balls in batches. Take care not to overcrowd.
14.  Keep the oil in low medium and stir once in a while.
15.  Fry until it reaches golden brown. ( if you take it in light brown color, the inside of the seedai may not be cooked, so be patient to cook till crisp & perfect )

16.  Drain in a kitchen tissue.
17.  Allow to cool.

18.  Store it in air tight containers.

19.  Healthy & crispy Uppu Seedais are ready...!

To  Prepare Vella Seedai:

1.     Break the jaggery to small pieces and add it in a kadai.
2.     Add  ½ cup of water and allow to boil with stirring.
3.     Once the jaggery is dissolved, heat it up until bubbles appear.
4.     Remove from heat and strain to remove impurities.

5.     In a bowl, take 1 cup rice flour, 3 tsp urad dal flour.

6.     Mix well and add roasted coconut, sesame, butter, elaichi pwd.
7.     Combine and to this pour the jaggery syrup little by little.
8.     Knead well to form a fine dough.
9.     Roll it to small balls.
10.  Leave it to rest in a kitchen tissue or muslin cloth.
11.  Heat oil.
12.  Fry the balls in low flame.
13.  Once the balls reaches dark brown color with crispy texture , remove from oil.  ( this will take more time to get crisp than the Uppu Seedai version. )
14.  Drain it in a tissue.
15.  Cool and store it in air tight containers.

·         Make sure to seive both the lentil and rice flour nicely to smooth pwd.
·         Rotate the balls as lightly as possible without applying pressure.
·         Allow the balls to dry for atleast 20 mins, before frying.
·         Prick the ball with a needle, as it would help the air trapped inside to let off while frying.
·         Roasting the grated coconut is also must, as it shouldn’t contain moisture, which tends to bursting of seedai while frying.

Happy Gokulashtami wishes to all my blogger friends and readers..:)


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